Rope kits for the Cadet

cadet rope sets

The Cadet is the only double handed junior racing class. Double the fun! They call the Cadet the training class of champions since many reknown sailors have started their careers in this boat. We have developed some ready made products like the forstay and the twintail mainsheet. All made in accordance with class rules. For all the other lines on board these are our suggestions :

Main Halyard 4 mm 9 - 11 meter D-Cup / D-Cup K-Mix / Ultraneema
Spinnaker Sheets 4 - 6 mm 8 - 9,5 meter D-Cup / D-Cup K-Mix
Spinnaker Halyard 4 - 6 mm 8 - 9 meter D-Cup / D-Cup K-Mix / Ultraneema
Jib Sheets 7 - 8 mm 3,5 - 5 meter D-Cup / D-Cup Kmix
Jib Halyard 4 - 5 mm 7 - 8 meter D-Cup / D-Cup Kmix / Ultraneema
Trimlines Ultraneema

 The cadet has a twin tail main sheet. We can make this sheet especially for you according to your wishes. Send us an e-mail with the rope you want (D-Cup or D-Cup K-mix), diameter and colour and we will make the sheet for you. The price is € 65,00. 

Cadet Twin Tail Mainsheet