The Premiumropes rigging team has extensive experience in yacht rigging. We make rigging to your specifications in our own workshop in Amsterdam. Our riggers also travel around the world to work on site. Please contact us to discuss the best option for your sailing yacht. 

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We advise to replace yacht rigging at least every 15 years. Make sure to inspect the rigging every year thoroughly to be ahead of bigger problems. Yacht managers of super yachts can best contact us directly for a project quote. Read here more about our mega yacht refit projects.

The Premiumropes team is looking forward to work on your yacht!

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  1. Welded Swage Fork Terminal
    SKU: BW10
    Fork terminals are amongst the most commonly used wire end fittings, they are normally attached to pre drilled anchor plates or steel constructions. Also used in combination with toggles, eyes or U-bolts. Learn More
    From €10.70 €10.70
  2. Rigging Screw Swage Stud - Fork Metrical
    SKU: BW12
    This rigging screw offers a variety of features. Laser engraved thread size, Blue Wave logo, and side marking of the left thread. Learn More
    From €24.40 €24.40
  3. Rigging screw oil
    SKU: SE312502
    For cleaning and greasing turnbuckles. All rigging screws should be lubricated every year. Learn More
    €15.50 €15.50
  4. Stay adjuster
    SKU: WR55H

    Allows to optimize the rigging and sails performance.

    Available in 3 models.

    Learn More
    From €322.00 €322.00
  5. Swage Stemball Terminal
    SKU: BW6200
    The Stemball Terminals all features, engraved wire size, Blue Wave logo, and swage depth marking for faster and easier swaging. Be aware Stemball terminals are mast brand related, exact dimensions are critical for proper function. Learn More
    From €6.80 €6.80
  6. Cup for Stemball Terminal
    SKU: BW6262
    The Blue Wave Stemball Cups can be used in the combination with Blue Wave Stemball Terminals. It has an inside radius covering most of the stemball terminals. Learn More
    From €7.35 €7.35
  7. Smart Pin
    Split pin on velcro one-wrap® strap. The smart pins are a fast and new way of securing open body rigging screws. Learn More
    From €4.45 €4.45
  8. Code Zero Tack Locker
    SKU: PRH791
    The ultimate connector between your furler and your anti-torsion ropes. Fits all furler brands. Learn More
    From €119.50 €119.50
  9. Nicopress Oval Press Sleeve
    SKU: PRH411
    Nicopress Oval press sleeves are efficient terminating products and when properly applied provide a secure connection equal to the rated breaking strength of the wire rope. Learn More
    From €0.75 €0.75
  10. Cup for Stemball Terminal
    SKU: SE3065
    Seldén Stemball Cups Stainless Steel AISI 316, used in combination with Seldén Stemball terminals Learn More
    From €3.80 €3.80
  11. Stay Adjuster 174mm (6 7/8") Long RF444
    SKU: RF444
    Typically used on dinghies, catamarans and small keelboats Learn More
    €57.00 €57.00
  12. Rigging Screw Chromed Bronze Body Swage Stud UNF - Toggle
    SKU: BW33
    The Blue Wave Chromed Bronze Body features a number of details that makes it the best choice for exclusive and durable rigging. The sleek, open Bronze body prevents the threads from sizing up. Learn More
    From €50.00 €50.00
  13. Wire Rope Clamp
    SKU: PRH456

    Wire Rope Clamp

    Learn More
    From €4.45 €4.45
  14. Self-Amalgamating Tape
    SKU: PRH49919BK
    A non-adhesive tape which bonds to itself and not your fittings. Ideal for rigging screws, terminals, on deck electrics and emergency hose repairs.
    19mm wide - 5m long
    Color is black
    Learn More
    €9.55 €9.55
  15. Wire Rope 1x19 Stainless Steel AISI 316
    SKU: PRW100
    Most commonly used wire rope for yacht rigging. Wire rope with a high breaking load. Is generally used for shrouds, stays or guard rails. Also used for other applications. Learn More
    €0.49 €0.49
  16. Swage Shroud Terminal
    Hi-MOD - Petersen Shroud Terminals (also known as Spoon terminals) are exclusively manufactured at the Petersen factory in England. Forged from low carbon stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404) every Petersen Swage Shroud Terminal is incredibly strong and light. Learn More
    From €16.90 €16.90
  17. Swage Stemball Terminal
    Swage Stemballs from Petersen are forged from low carbon stainless steel AISI 316L and is incredibly strong. Petersen swage stemballs can be used with many different wire-rope constructions. Learn More
    From €12.80 €12.80
  18. Split Ring
    SKU: BW07060
    This G-ring is designed as a locking mechanism for a clevis pin, safety bolt or similar fitting. Learn More
    From €0.25 €0.25
  19. Clevis Pin
    SKU: BW06
    A fastener with a cylindrical head Learn More
    From €1.65 €1.65
  20. Rope Thread Eye Terminal, Right Hand UNF
    SKU: BW0219

    Thread eye terminals are special made to fit into a rigging screw. The radius of the eye is especially made for ropes.

    Right hand thread in UNF

    Learn More
    From €7.10 €7.10
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