Wholesale: ropes and wire rope

Premiumropes is a wholesale company in wire ropes and synthetic ropes. We have special competitive prices for wholesale customers. We can produce customised ropes and steel cable. If required, we provide certification of wire ropes and synthetic ropes. We also have a large stock in Amsterdam.

We have a large range of wire ropes and synthetic ropes for: sailmakers, off-shore, architecture, interior architecture, design, theatre productions, art, civil constructions, industry, fishing, automotive, agriculture and many other applications.

Are you looking for spools of ropes, wire rope or just custom work? Then you are at the right place. Mail us or call +31 20 419 6412.

Wholesale in ropes

The success of your business is our success. We are happy to contribute to the best solution for your challenge or project. Our technical people love complex challenges. We sell many rolls of bare HMPE, for example from Dyneema® fibres or Stirotex. These synthetic ropes are ideal as a replacement for wire rope. We also sell spools of polyester and polypropylene ropes. Of course we have competitive prices for high volumes.

Wholesale of wire ropes

Premiumropes is a supplier of wire ropes in many different types. We also have a large assortment of terminals and rigging screws. We can swage wire rope to your specifications at our own location in Amsterdam. We have a long rigging table and accurate swaging equipment enabeling us to produce to the millimeter accurately. Our team works on location regularly installing wire rope constructions.

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