Loops & Shackles

Loops and soft shackles are made of ropes with superfibres, like Dyneema®. They are great for all kind of rigging purposes. Rigging loops can be used to fix everything on board of your sailing boat. For example with loops you can attach blocks, furler systems and all kinds of deckware. Softshackles are made of Dyneema® and are a great alternative to steel shackles. Soft shackles are lightweight and strong. Soft shackles are safe for boats AND crew!

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  1. Softlink
    SKU: PRR924
    Optimise your deck layout using Softlinks from Premium Ropes. A Softlink consists of a Low Friction Rings combined with a ‘loop’ made from a super fibre such as Stirotex®. A Softlink has no moving parts, are strong, easy-to-use and completely maintenance free. Learn More
  2. Softshackle Quick Release
    SKU: PRR910
    Dyneema® SK78 soft shackle with quick release Learn More
  3. Loop without Cover - made of Dyneema® fibers
    SKU: PRR920

    Loop, made completely with Dyneema®. Great to lash blocks anywhere on to your boat. Available in various sizes and diameters.

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  4. Loop with Cover - made of Dyneema® fibers
    SKU: PRR930

    Loop with cover, made out of 100% Dyneema® fibers. Great to lash blocks anywhere onto your boat. Made with 5 mm Dyneema® which is lashed twice in the cover.
    Available in various sizes.

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4 Items

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