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Do you have a motor yacht and do you want advice for ropes? Click on the drawing or in the list which rope you want to replace for your yacht. Our rope advice guide then provides a line advice of products and materials that best suit your use.

Premiumropes sells high-quality yachting ropes at very competitive prices. Before you order new ropes, make sure the diameter match the situation on board. The line diameter should fit with the size of your powerboat or your yacht. Measure the diameter of your current ropes with, for example, a caliper. The length of your mooring lines is important for proper mooring your yacht. Of course we make an eye-splice to your mooring lines, fender lines or anchor warp if you like. And if you want a stainless steel shackle, order it together with the ropes. You can also send your old shackles and have them spliced to your new ropes. More sustainable!

Do not forget to make a whipping at the end. If you want we can splice an anchor chain directly to the anchor warp. It will provide a strong connection between the line and the chain. We have a good selection of ropes for hoisting or towing your dinghy. Especially for towing bigger tenders we make special towing lines with bridle and tensioner. You can, of course, call us for advice +3120-419 6412.

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