Finishing options

At a surcharge we can splice an eye in your ropes. While a knot reduces the strenght of a rope with 50%, with a splice this is limited to approximately 10%. And it's the weakest link that counts!

We have a team of people who are splicing ropes every day. Your halyards, sheets and mooring ropes should be ready to use on board. We value quality of service and good craftsmanship. The most commonly chosen options are shown below: eye-splice for a shackle, eye-splice for a mooring, whipping, tapering and an endless rope. In addition, we can tailor-make every rope to the situation on board of your sailing boat. For example we can also splice a lead of stainless steelwire or singlebraid Dyneema® to your halyard to save space in the mast.

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Rope finishing and splicing options

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