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Which type of rope do I use for my boat? Which material do I need for my sheets, halyards, control lines of mooring lines. The Rope-Selector tool advises you for every type of rope you use on a sailing yacht or motor boat. We have taken stretch, flexability, creep, strength and durability into account. 

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The Premiumropes selection tool is easy to get advice on what sailing rope to choose. It can be quite difficult to determine what material and construction of a rope works best for the purpose on board of your sailing boat. We have ropes with a core of polypropylene, polyester, Stirotex® and Dyneema®. The core determines for a great deal use of a rope. Do you sail races? We recommend our ropes with Dyneema® fibers in that case. Our rope advice tool makes a selection of the sailing ropes that best matches your boat and how competitive you sail. 

Do you like a personal and customised advice?

Are you looking for new ropes, but would prefer customised advice? No problem. Please contact our riggers. They are ready to help you and select the right halyards, sheets and lines.

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