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rope splicing app Premiumropes

All rope splice tutorials available in an App

Premiumropes has developed an App “RopeSplicing". This App contains tutorials for more than 30 rope splices. With over a 1,000 detailed and zoomable pictures the App takes you step-by-step through the splicing process.

• Instructions for more then 30 different splices
• Get 4 splices for free
• App is usable off line
• High resolution pictures

The App is the idea of Jan- Willem Polman, founder of Premiumropes. “Everybody can learn how to splice modern ropes. Having a clear set of instructions and good example pictures is important. This App provides you with just that ! There are over 1100 pictures in the App to guide you through every step. Most pictures are self explanatory and with some pictures clear and short text instructions are provided."

The App is fully usable offline. Polman: “Almost every marina in the world has Wi-Fi. But it’s not always free. Besides you are not always in the marina with your boat. This is why we wanted the Ropesplicing App to be usable offline. This way you can use the App even in the most remote places."

By following the clear step-by-step photographs you learn how to splice ropes, make shackles and customize ropes to make your boat set-up easier, lighter and safer. Both sailors and arborists will find this a very complete and useful rope splicing app.

We have put in a lot of effort in this App as a service to our rope splicing fans. We hope you like it!

Downloading the Ropesplicing App gives you free splices. 


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All ropesplicing tuturials in the Ropesplicing App

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