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  1. Tension Gauges professional

    For 2,5mm - 10mm shrouds - Most Popular model

    Use a Loos Tension Gauges to setup your rig with the right tension and repeat the right settings of your standard rigging every time again.

    Learn More
    From €165.95 €165.95
  2. Tension Gauges standard
    SKU: LC9
    The Loos economy tension gauge takes the guesswork out of cable tension adjustment. Learn More
    From €115.95 €115.95
  3. Rod Rigging Gauge
    We offer a series of gauges to measure the tension in rods from .172 to .375 inch in diameter over a range of approximately 5% to 25% of the breaking strength of the rod and provide an accuracy of + or - 5%. Learn More
    From €714.95 €714.95
  4. Wire cutter W18
    SKU: PRH82802
    The D-SPLICER W18 wire cutter easily cuts throught wire rope up to 5mm. Learn More
    €49.95 €49.95
  5. Cable cutter
    SKU: LCC
    Reliable: unbreakable hardened handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee Learn More
    From €78.99 €78.99
  6. Cable cutter Hydraulic max 16mm
    SKU: LCHC16
    Portable , lightweight, and made to last years under the toughest field conditions. Learn More
    €1,750.00 €1,750.00
  7. Hand Swager 1.5-5mm
    SKU: LC1SC
    Eye, lap and stop sleeve splicing of cables are made sure and easy with the new handswagers. Learn More
    €612.50 €612.50
  8. Bench Swager 1.5-5mm
    Eye, lap and stop sleeve splicing of cables up to 3/16" diameter are made sure and easy with the new hand swagers. Learn More
    €872.50 €872.50
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