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The Premiumropes rigging team has extensive experience in yacht rigging. We make rigging to your specifications in our own workshop in Amsterdam. We advise to replace yacht rigging at least every 15 years. Make sure to inspect the rigging every year thoroughly to be ahead of bigger problems.

If you want to replace a stay, shroud or your complete standing rigging? Quickly check the costs and order online. You will need the following information:

1. Type of wire rope and diameter
2. Length
3. Type of fittings
4. Type of rigging screws

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1. Choose the type of wire rope

Choose which type of wire rope you need. By far most yacht carry 1x19 wire rope. If you do not know which type of wire rope you have, almost certainly it will be 1x19 wire. Below you can find the various types of wire:

2. Length

Take the total length of the whole system, measured from heart to heart. We make the stays exactly to the millimetre of the supplied lengths. Is the new stay equipped with an rigging screw, we deliver it with the rigging screw half way in. That way there is enough space to tune the rig both ways.

To avoid confusion, how we measure is explained in the video.

3. Type of fittings:

How are the stays attached to the mast? Rigging may consist of several types of fittings such as T-Terminals (also called hook terminals), stemball, fork and eye terminals. Check for all available terminals and detailed information on terminals.

Important with T-terminals is that they fit exactly in the so-called "backing plates" of the mast. Therefore if possible pick the same brand as the old ones.

4. Rigging screws

Rigging screws are divided into two main categories: aluminum-bronze chrome open house rigging screws and stainless steel rigging screws with a closed body. For an overview check rigging screws.

It is important to carefully check the thread in your current rigging screws. Is the thread still good? It is often possible to re-use the rigging screws again and save significantly in the total price for new rigging.

Premiumropes has a specific rigging table, precise and specified swaging equipment and the experience to guarantee the required accuracy!

If you would like advice from one of our riggers do not hesistate to contact us.

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