Order custom guard rail

We can make guard rails for your sailing yacht from high quality stainless steel wire rope with or without PVC coating. The two most common options for guard rail are a rigging screw or an eye with a lash for tensioning the guard rail. Both variations can be delivered with or without the PVC coating.  It's also possible to order a custom Dyneema Guard Rail. This is the ultimate lightweight rope solution to replace your stainless steel guard rail. Are you sailing races? Make sure to check if Dyneema® guard rail is allowed in your sailing class. 

How to measure guard rails?

Watch our tutorial how to measure guard rails. It's best to wind PVC tape on the stud tightly against the rigging screw. After this, you can loosen the rigging screw and the tape marks the position. If you have an open screw house, it's even easier to measure the distance between the two studs in the rigging screw with a caliper.

Tip: Tape the locking rings of the guard rail tightly with PVC tape to prevent damage to the sails and your crew.

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