Clevis pins, split rings, pelican hooks for guard rails, wedges and smart pins. All examples of rigging assemblies for stays and guard rails. Did you not find your rigging part in our list? Please contact us

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  1. Smart Pin
    Split pin on velcro one-wrap® strap. The smart pins are a fast and new way of securing open body rigging screws. Learn More
  2. Lifeline hook
    SKU: WR283
    Automatic locking lifeline hook
    Only takes one hand to operate
    Learn More
  3. Sail chafe protector
    SKU: WR4107
    It protects the sails and minimizes the risks of snaggings.
    Pack of 2 piece.
    Learn More
  4. Former
    SKU: ST115
    Suitable for use with all wire constructions. Learn More
  5. Wheel Thimble
    SKU: BWRP11
    With the Blue Wave Wheel Thimble it's possible to connect ropes to a fork terminal or tensioner. It's made from high polished stainless steel. The Wheel Thimble is perfectly rounded and increases the radius of the connection. Learn More
  6. Gatehook
    SKU: BWGH0
    This top of the line Gate-Hook, is one hand operated and based on the “over the center” principal where the load is carried on the body. Learn More
  7. Rope Relief, Nylon
    SKU: BWA65
    The Blue Wave Rope relief protects the guardrail wire/rope from abrasion. There are several sizes depending on the size of stantion. Learn More
  8. Rope Thread Eye Terminal, UNF
    SKU: BW0219
    Thread eye terminals are special made to fit into a rigging screw. The radius of the eye is especially made for ropes. Learn More
  9. Clevis Pin
    SKU: BW06

    A fastener with a cylindrical head

    Learn More
  10. Split Ring
    SKU: BW07060
    This G-ring is designed as a locking mechanism for a clevis pin, safety bolt or similar fitting. Learn More
  11. Split Pin
    SKU: BW07061
    Metal fastener with two tines that are typically bent during installation. Learn More
  12. Self-Amalgamating Tape
    SKU: PRH49919BK
    A non-adhesive tape which bonds to itself and not your fittings. Ideal for rigging screws, terminals, on deck electrics and emergency hose repairs.
    19mm wide - 5m long
    Color is black
    Learn More
  13. Wire Rope Clamp
    SKU: PRH456

    Wire Rope Clamp

    Learn More
  14. Wire Rope Clip
    SKU: PRH455

    Wire Rope Clip

    Learn More
  15. Pelican Hook M8
    SKU: WR2831
    The Wichard Pelican Hooks are forged from High Resistance 17.4 PH stainless steel and have a patented design. The off centre shape allows lines to be tensioned easily. For closing lifeline (or guard rail) gates. Learn More
  16. Locknut Left
    SKU: BW0512
    To provide a locking action that can resists loosening under vibrations. Learn More
  17. Locknut Right
    SKU: BW0412
    To provide a locking action that can resists loosening under vibrations. Learn More
  18. Pelican Hook
    SKU: PRH431
    Stainless steel Pelican hook with M8 thread, made out of marine grade 316 stainless steel. Learn More
  19. Cup for Stemball Terminal
    SKU: SE3065
    Seldén Stemball Cups Stainless Steel AISI 316, used in combination with Seldén Stemball terminals Learn More
  20. Ball Terminal for Mastlock
    SKU: PRH451
    The Ball terminal is used in combination with a mastlock halyard system. Learn More

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