Grand Prix Racing

All our Grand Prix Racing ropes have been developed in co-operation with professional sailors and are tested on high performance boats. These lines are made with the best possible materials and are suitable for halyards and sheets on boats such as a TP52, Cape 31, Melges 32, Ker 46 and other similar yachts where only the very best is good enough.

What type of cores are used for the Grand Prix Racing Series?

Depending on the application, different cores are chosen. For sheets, this is often a core of Stirotex or Dyneema SK99. For running backstays and backstays, there is a 'Heatset Pre-Stretched' (HPS) core made of Dyneema SK78. Or in the case of Rig Wire 99, a pre-stretched core of Dyneema SK99.

What kind of covers are used in the Grand Prix Racing Series?

In high performance sails, the most important thing is that covers can endure the enormous loads and friction during racing. The PBO cover for instance is suitable for highly loaded backstays and jibsheets. The Race Grip Pro has a cover made of Technora, Stirotex and polyester. This gives the rope a high degree of grip and makes it extremely abrasion-resistant. For sheets, we recommend the TN Racing with Technora. The DX Cup Pro 99 is the ultimate halyard. This rope has a pre-stretched SK99 core and a wear-resistant cover with Technora.

Premiumropes is an official sponsor of the Rotterdam Offshore Sailing Team (ROST)

The team was founded with the aim of introducing young talent to offshore sailing and competing in various races on the professional race circuit.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Premiumropes. Besides having access to world-class ropes, Premiumropes also provides our talents with the knowledge about running rigging which they need to become good professional sailors. It is a win-win scenario. We look forward to be the ambassador of Premiumropes on the race circuit.” Says Gerd-Jan Poortman team leader and three time Volvo Ocean Race sailor.

10 Items

  1. TN Racing
    SKU: PRR340

    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line

    This is an high-performance regatta rope and has a core of coated Stirotex fibers. The Technora/polyester cover is suitable for big winches and works very well in clutches. This rope is suitable for splicing and tapering.

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    €2.55 €2.55
  2. Race Grip Pro
    SKU: PRR310

    Application: Sheet, Halyard, Control line

    The Race Grip Pro is a very strong, round high-performance rope with good grip and minimal stretch. For sailors who go to the extreme. The stretch-free core is made of Stirotex® fibres. For use as sheet, halyard and trim line.

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    €2.55 €2.55
  3. DX Cup Pro 99
    SKU: PRR431

    Application: Halyard

    The ultimate racing halyard with a Dyneema®-SK99 pre-stretched core. Mainsail, genoa or gennaker halyards, which shall not stretch under any circumstances, are made with this rope. Available in Ø8mm to Ø12mm in four colours!

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    €10.35 €10.35
  4. DX Cover (Bio-based) Dyneema®
    SKU: PRR830

    Application: Cover

    Skincover made of Dyneema® fibers for extreme high abrasion chafe points to protect halyards and sheets against chafing. Available in 2 colors and 4 different sizes.

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    From €2.95 €2.95
  5. TN Cover
    SKU: PRR840

    Application: Cover

    The TN Cover is a Technora/polyester mix cover suitable for jammers, clutches and other abrasion points. Technora is extremely durable and heat-resistant. With an (extra) TN Cover the lifetime of your halyards will double. Available in 3 different sizes.

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    From €3.95 €3.95
  6. PBO Cover
    SKU: PRR845

    Application: High performance cover

    The PBO cover has a balanced mix of PBO, Technora® and Cordura® fibres. This makes for an extremely abrasion-resistant cover that also has plenty of grip. This makes the cover ideal for jibs or running backstays on high-performance yachts.

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    From €17.95 €17.95
  7. Rig Wire 99
    SKU: PRR469

    Application: Standing Rigging, Guard rail

    The Rig Wire 99 is the ultimate lightweight rope solution to replace standing rigging. The elongation of the 'heat set' pre-stretched core (HPS) is reduced to a minimum. The compact Dyneema® cover protects against abrasion and any wear and tear. Use the Rig Wire 99 as a lightweight alternative for standing rigging.

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    €12.00 €12.00
  8. DX Core 99
    SKU: PRR451

    Application: Control line, Backstay

    DX Core 99 has a higher modulus which is more resistant to stretch then regular Dyneema® fibers. This high-end product is more expensive but stronger then regular DX Core 78.

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    €1.45 €1.45
  9. DX Core 78 HPS
    SKU: PRR453

    Application: Control line, Backstay

    This rope is 100% made of Dyneema® SK78 fibers. It is heat set and highly-pre stretched and therefore very strong and extremely abrasion resistant. Available in grey and different diameters.

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    €2.60 €2.60
  10. DX Core 78 (Bio-based) Dyneema®
    SKU: PRR450

    Application: Control line, Backstay

    This single braid rope, completely made of bio-based Dyneema® SK78 (12 strands coated) fibers, is extremely strong, has low elongation and low weight. The coating ensures UV resistance and better abrasion resistance. This general purpose rope is ideal for e.g. loops, shackles, rigging, boom vang, outhaul and cunningham. It is also very good for kite surfing lines.

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    €0.99 €0.99
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