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  1. Sail Fastner
    SKU: PRR960
    Sail Fastner 4 per package Learn More
  2. Softline
    SKU: PRR270

    Application: Flagline
    8 braid polyester line.This general purpose line is ideal for flag lines

    Learn More
  3. Guard Rail Netting
    SKU: PRR7013070WT
    Application: Guard rail net
    Guard Rail Netting 30/70 cm white Polyester no knots Learn More
  4. Spiral Braid Polyester
    SKU: PRR275
    Application: Furler cover
    This spiral braided line is ideal as furler cover line.
    Learn More
  5. Furling Cable
    SKU: PRR620

    Six braided anti-torsion rope with a Vectran core and intermediate Kevlar jacket and a polyeter cover on top. This low stretch anti-torsion rope is especially developed for furlers.

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  6. Whipping Twine - Polyester
    SKU: PRR238
    Polyester waxed whipping twine
    1mm - 35m
    1.4mm - 30m
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  7. Whipping Twine - Stirotex
    SKU: PRR338
    Whipping twine made of Stirotex® fibers Learn More
  8. Whipping Twine No 4 0.8mm - 40m
    SKU: M3804
    Marlow waxed whipping twine Learn More
  9. PR-12
    SKU: PRR150
    The PR-12 is a high-strength polypropylene rope made for commercial vessels. The PR-12 floats, doesn’t observe water. The PR-12 is Ideal for auto winches and drums.
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  10. Rope Rub
    SKU: PRR195
    Our Rope Rub is made from a specially manufactured double-twined yarn. This yarn is durable and UV-resistant. This makes the Rope Rub resistant to weather influences guaranteeing a long service life. Learn More

10 Items

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