Splicing rope is fun and easy. It is so much stronger than knotting halyards and sheets. Check out our rope splicing tools from e.g. D-SPLICER. Premiumropes has splicing tutorials for braided ropes in splicing books, videos and an Rope Splicing App!

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  1. Rope Fid
    SKU: PRH820
    Classic splicing tool for ropeworks with 3-strand, 8-plait and 12-plait lines. The rope fid can be used for splicing ropes, available in two different sizes. Learn More
    From €9.70 €9.70
  2. Sailmakers Palm
    SKU: PRH848
    Indispensable for sewing through sailcloth or thick lines. The professional palm is made of heavier materials, available for left and right handed sailors. Learn More
    From €17.70 €17.70
  3. Ceramic Knife
    SKU: PRH825
    Sailor's knife with ceramic blade to cut modern ropes made from Dyneema®, Stirotex, Technora or Vectran fibres. Stays sharp for longer - available in two sizes! Learn More
    From €20.90 €20.90
  4. D-Splicer Soft Fid
    SKU: PRH808
    The D-Splicer Soft Fid is a strong and easy to use splicing fid for ropes. Learn More
    From €17.95 €17.95
  5. Needles Set for Ropeworks and Sail Repair
    SKU: PRH84101
    Six very strong and sharp needles in five different sizes. Works very well for stitched whippings and suitable for various diameters of whipping twine as well as sail repairs. Learn More
    €3.95 €3.95
  6. D-Splicer Needles Kit A4
    SKU: PRH80101
    Four replacable splicing needles - two pcs each size of 1,0mm and 1,5mm thickness - and professional handle as a set. These modern splicing needles work on pulling action and are designed for thin ropes of up to 5mm and corresponding core braidings. The splicing needle set comes in a sturdy tube for easy storage. Learn More
    €46.00 €46.00
  7. Hot knife - Rope cutter
    SKU: PRH87011
    For professional and lost lasting results you should cut ropes with a hot knife to prevent fraying during use. Learn More
    €157.00 €157.00
  8. Shockcord Clamp
    SKU: PRH778
    Stainless steel clamps used for joining ends of shockcord. Use our special clamp plier for attaching these. Learn More
    From €0.20 €0.20
  9. Pliers for Shockcord Clamps
    SKU: PRH77801
    Shock cord clamp closing pliers for all sizes clamps. Learn More
    €35.80 €35.80
  10. Shockcord Hook
    SKU: PRH779
    Shockcord Hook Learn More
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  11. Sale
    Het Kleine Splitsboek
    SKU: PRH90102

    This is the Dutch version of the Reeds Splicing Handbook. It explains the most commonly used rope splices.

    Language: Dutch

    Learn More
    €9.99 €9.99
  12. Whipping Twine No 4 0.8mm - 40m
    SKU: M3804
    Marlow waxed whipping twine Learn More
    From €7.30 €7.30
  13. Splicing Needle - SELMA
    SKU: PRH815

    Selma Fids (needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. This universal splicing tool is very popular due to it's easy handling.

    Choose between six different sizes here!

    Learn More
    From €9.10 €9.10
  14. Dogbones Stainless Steel AISI 316
    SKU: PRH771
    Dogbones are one of the easiest ways to connect your tack lines, halyards, spinnaker sheets and other trim lines to your hardware of sails. These Dogbones are lightweight, strong and easy to use. Available in stainless steel and aluminium. Learn More
    From €4.95 €4.95
  15. D-Splicer Fixed
    SKU: PRH804
    Modern splicing needle for braided ropes - works on pulling action, which makes splicing much easier. It is designed to work in situations where traditional fids don't work. The unique double needle clamps your line and allows pulling a rope through itself or a cover braid. Learn More
    From €17.80 €17.80
  16. Splicing Needle Set
    SKU: PRH817
    Selma Fids (Needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. This Norwegian product is patented world wide. The 2 sets are covering the most commonly used lines and ropes ranging from 4mm (1/8 inch) to 13mm (5/8 inch) diameter. Learn More
    From €44.95 €44.95
  17. Splicing Tape Lijnenspecialist
    SKU: PRH83502
    Splicing tape is excellent for rigging: strong smooth and smooth. We use it all the time! Learn More
    €2.95 €2.95
  18. Dyneema® Scissors D16
    SKU: PRH82703
    D-Splicer's most popular tool for cutting ropes with superfibres like Dyneemay®, Stirotex®, Technora® or Vectran®. Special blades make precise results. Learn More
    €45.75 €45.75
  19. Splicing Kit - FINN
    SKU: PRH88020
    PremiumRopes offers a range of splicing sets, this one is for FINN. You can make your trim lines above deck and your centreboard trim endless. It includes two small Selma fids, a D-Splicer Fixed F10, F15, sailing needles, splicing tape and whipping twine Learn More
    €57.50 €57.50
  20. Scissors D20
    SKU: PRH82704
    The big brother of the D16 Scissors. Cuts easily through the toughest fibres like Dyneema®, Vectran, Aramid and Stirotex. Learn More
    €60.25 €60.25
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