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Modern splicing needle for braided ropes - works on pulling action, which makes splicing much easier. It is designed to work in situations where traditional fids don't work. The unique double needle clamps your line and allows pulling a rope through itself or a cover braid.
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Modern Splicing Needle for braided ropes - works on pulling action, which makes splicing very easy

The D-Splicer Fixed is a unique splicing tool used with single braid and double braid rope constructions. The double needle has a D-shaped end which clamps your line and allows you to pull it through easily. This splicing tool has been developed to work in situations, where traditional tools do not fit anymore. Since its debut it has gained popularity and is now a leading product for rope splicing with professional riggers, boat captains and sailmakers.
Available in four sizes you will find the matching D-Splicer needle for thin ropes of less than Ø2mm (single braids) to large yachting ropes of over Ø16mm (double braid). Please see below for a detailed table of the sizes. All D-Splicer Fixed needles come attached to cardboard with detailed instruction printed on the back.

Splicing the rope with the D-Splicer Fixed explained here

The D-Splicer is used for ropeworks, which require (part of) a rope to be pulled into itself or another rope/cover. The basic steps are always the same:

  1. 1. Insert D-Splicer In order to pull a rope or core through the D-Splicer is first inserted the opposite direction through the construction. The point where the D-Splicer Needle comes out determines the entry point for the line.
  2. 2. Fix your line into the D-Splicer coming out of the rope. Best to pull the double needle out for 10cm or more and spread the two wires with the fingers to clamp the line between them. Make sure to clamp only the tip of the line and lead it to the end of the D-Splicer.
  3. 3. Pull line through by taking the D-Splicer at the handle. Slightly turning the needle to the left and right eases this process.
  4. 4. Straighten the rope after pulling the line trough to smoothen the splice.

There are detailed movies available in our YouTube Channel, which explain the use of the D-Splicer Fixed.

For which splices is the D-Splicer Fixed recommended?

There are numerous splice and rope works which profit from the clever design of the D-Splicer Needle. It works on almost every splice in braided ropes. Below is a collection of the most popular ones:

  • - To make an eyesplice in a single braid construction we recommend to use the D-Splicer Fixed to the end through itself and adjust the size of the eye accordingly. Especially on line from HMPE fibres like S-Core or Dyneema this works very fast.
  • - In order to splice the core of double braided ropes the use of the D-Splicer Fixed is similar to the single braid.
  • - Splices in double braided ropes require the loose end of cover to be pulled inside the construction. This ropework is easily performed with a D-Splicer Fixed
  • - Tapering a double braided rope requires the cover to be pulled inside the core. Use a D-Splicer Fixed to get this done.
  • For abrasion resistance and extra grip an additional cover will be spliced over the rope. The ends need to be pulled into a usually tight original cover of the rope. The D-Splicer fixed is very thin and is the recommended splice tool.

The D-Splicer Fixed comes in four sizes for different rope diameters

  • - F-10 (size XS) - The smallest of the D-Splicer Fixed is used for very thin single braid ropes made from HMPE-superfibres like Stirotex or Dyneema. Suitable for Ø2mm or even less.
  • - F-15 (size S) - For cores and singlebraids from Ø2mm to Ø4mm this D-Splicer F-15 is used. The needle is thin enough to make splicing easy but breaks quickly, if used with larger ropes.
  • - F-20 (size M) - This universal D-Splicer works for many yachting ropes. The F-20 handles cores and single braids up to Ø6mm and can be used to pull in covers of double braid ropes up to Ø16mm. There is also a longer version (F-20XL) of this size available. This is often used on large diameters, to have a long splice in one step.
  • - F-25 (size L) - The large version of the D-Splicer Fixed can splice single braids and cores of up to Ø8mm and can be used for double braids up to Ø20mm. The F-25 also comes in a longer version (F-25XL), which is attractive for thicker ropes that require longer splices.

Which tool can I use for thicker ropes?

D-Splicer has developed the D-Splicer Softfid, which takes core and other ropes through very tight cover braidings. If you are keen on advance splices, this is a neat tool for you!

F-10 Fixed splicing needle1.0 mm18 cm28 gr
F-15 Fixed splicing needle1.5 mm26 cm35 gr
F-20 Fixed splicing needle2.0 mm26 cm41 gr
F-25 Fixed splicing needle2.5 mm26 cm48 gr
XL-20 Fixed splicing needle2.0 mm55 cm45 gr
XL-25 Fixed splicing needle2.5 mm60 cm55 gr

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