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D-SPLICER splicing tools are the world standard tools for splicing ropes. Premiumropes sells the complete assortment of ropesplicing tools by D-SPLICER. From professional riggers to enthousiastic amateur sailors and arborists: all use these splicing tools for their ropework.

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Rope splicing fids and tools

Splicing ropes is fun and quite easy. Especially if you have the right tools! D-SPLICER has developed a wide range of rope splicing fids and tools. As the development of rope fibres has taken off in the last decades. So new splicing tools were required. Especially ropes made of super fibres like Dyneema®, Vectran and Stirotex have made ropes stronger and thinner. A knot reduces the breaking strength by about 50%. Knotting super fibres is a waste of your investment in these high-tech ropes. Just make an eye-splice. You will see how easy it is to splice a rope with a core of e.g. Dyneema©

D-SPLICER has developed the fids, needles and tools from its own rigging practice. Premiumropes riggers use D-SPLICER fids, scissors and needles all day. Here are links to product details of some rope splicing tools:

  • - D-SPLICER needle set: comes with four double needles and an exchangeable handle. It's packed in a tube for easy storage.
  • - Fixed pulling needles: fixed needles and available in four sizes to suit rope diameters between of 1-10 mm: F10, F15, F20 and F25. 
  • - Scissors for cutting super fibresdesigned for cutting strong fibres like Dyneema®, Vectran and Stirotex.
  • - Ceramic knifecuts super fibers with ease and remains sharp.
  • - SoftFid: when not enough space in a rope, use the Softfid to clamp to the rope and pull it through.

D-SPLICER is mostly known for its pulling needle. This pulling needle clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through. These needles are of the highest quality. We use them all the time and they never break. However, make sure that you use the D-SPLICER needles in a proper manner as shown below. That way, you will enjoy the needles for a long time.

How to use D-SPLICER needles correctly

Rope splicing tutorials

Check out our rope splicing videos for DIY instructions. We also have a selection of splicing books available. And... don't forget our Ropesplicing App. Always all splicing instructions in your pocket and off-line available. No more excuses for knotting halyards, sheets and trimlines. Start optimising your deck lay-out with all our splicing tutorials. But be warned, rope splicing can be addictive. Keep up the rope splicing!

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