D-Pouch Splicing Bag

Keep your splicing tools neatly organized in the D-Pouch. Due to the compact design this pouch can be stored on board easily.

Available in two sizes:

The P40 - enough space for a complete set of splicing tools

The P65 Pro - enough space when you want to store D-Splicer fixed professional XL

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Rigger's bag for Splicing and Ropework tools

This D-Pouch Splicing Bag can hold all your tools, needles, fids and consumables for making splices on sailboats. The size is just right to keep your splicing tools organized and compact to stow it easily on board or during transport.
Whatever tools you prefer they are best kept in a Splicing Bag, that holds them ready to use like the D-Pouch! In the inside remains enough room for whipping twine, tape and other splicing material.

The D-Pouch is available in two sizes: P-40 (regular) and P-65 pro

The regular size D-Pouch Splicing Bag P-40 has a length of 40cm with the small sides 10cm x 10 cm. It can hold a complete tool set for all splicing works onboard sailing boats.

The D-Pouch Splicing Bag P-65 pro is the larger version with a length of 65cm and the same dimensions for the small side (10cm x 10cm). Long splicing needles like the D-Splicer Fixed XL fit into this bag and it has additional room for a heat cutter or more tools, tape, whipping twine, spare ropes, etc.

Both D-Pouches are made from durable nylon cloth and are foam padded, so the tools will not be damaged. Along the long side in the bag is a compartment, where the long splicing needles can be safely stored. Available in black colour with white colour handles.

For which type of sailor is the D-Pouch suitable?

Almost every sailor, who is doing small repairs or ropework on board a sailing boat will appreciate the clever D-Pouch Splicing Bag:

  • Racing Sailor - There are always some lines on board racing boats which need replacement or can be improved. Racers keep all the necessary tools together in a bag and have it ready. Holds all professional tools. Take the larger pro-version of the bag, if you have longer splicing needles like the D-Splicer Fixed XL.
  • Skipper & Crew on a cruising sailboat - During the voyages on board a cruising yacht the crew will work on the ropes to prevent abrasion, make a stitched whipping or other splicing work. It is good seamanship to have the tools on board for such jobs and the D-Pouch Splicing bag keeps them together nicely.
  • Boat captains, riggers and sailmakers - all the professional help working on boats, in the workshops and lofts use D-Splicer tools for ropework and splicing. The new D-Pouch splicing bag has been designed to keep all splicing tools safely together and readily available for any job. Take the larger pro-version if you are regularly working on large yachts, where long splicing needles are required to make proper splices.

Tip of the Premiumropes Crew:

Why don't you take the bag together with some D-Splicer tools and make it a nice present for your skipper, the new boatowner in your club, your kids or parents or simply for a friend's birthday?

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