Check out our sailing hardware of brands like Harken, Ronstan, Tylaska, Spinlock, Wichard and Selden. We sell the whole range of blocks, clutches, cleats, furling systems, fittings, deck organizers and winches you may need for your sailing boat. Did you not find the product you were looking for? Just contact us

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  1. Self-Amalgamating Tape
    SKU: PRH49919BK
    A non-adhesive tape which bonds to itself and not your fittings. Ideal for rigging screws, terminals, on deck electrics and emergency hose repairs.
    19mm wide - 5m long
    Color is black
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  2. Performa Self-tailing Winch Black
    Harken Radial winch with self-tailor, available in 11 different sizes. These winches are powerful, efficient and very reliable. Learn More
  3. Halyard Shackle with Captive Pin long
    SKU: WR149
    Wichard halyard shackle. These shackles have the highest strength-to-ratio of any existing halyard shackles. Learn More
  4. Snapshackle
    SKU: TY10S
    Tylaska produces the strongest, most durable snap shackles with the highest performance. It is the only shackle which is easy to release under high pressure. Learn More
  5. Snap Shackle with Swivel Eye
    SKU: PRH122
    Snap shackle with a swivel eye Learn More
  6. Small boat high-load furler
    SKU: HK435
    Harken® Small Boat furling systems allow the trailerable cruising or dinghy sailor to set and furl the jib from the cockpit.  Learn More
  7. Sailkote 300ml
    SKU: ML08

    Sailkote is the high-tech, dry lubricant that makes sails, hulls, rigging, deck hardware, and anything that moves on your boat run smoother, work more efficiently, and last longer.


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  8. aluminum Cam-Matic cam cleat
    SKU: HK150
    Harken aluminum Cam-Matic cam cleats, the best cam cleats in the world. The aluminum cam cleats are available in Micro, Standard and Offshore and can be used on all types of boats. Select your product here. Learn More
  9. Single XTS Clutch 8-14mm
    SKU: XTS08141
    Spinlock - XTS clutch. Suitable for lines between 8-14 mm and has a safe working load of 1000 kg, much stronger then the XAS Powerclutch. The XTS is the standard on production yachts world wide and the choice of offshore and inshore racing yachts. Available in 5 different sizes and option to mount on port of starboard side. Learn More
  10. 60mm Plain Bearing Block
    SKU: SE40600101R
    PLAIN BEARING BLOCKS Great performance in applications with heavy and static loads. Available in 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100 mm sheave diameters. Learn More
  11. 57mm Carbo block
    SKU: HK2600
    Harken 57 mm Carbo block can be used for lines up to 10 mm and weighs 87 gram. Great for main sheets and jib sheets. Has a safe working load of 359 kg and a breaking strength of 1079 kg. Learn More
  12. Low Friction Rings
    SKU: PRH130

    Low Friction rings are simple aluminum rings which can be spliced into lines. They are used to deflect sheets and control lines or for lashings. They are made of high strength aluminum. Available in 5 different sizes.

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  13. Fid for Snapshackle
    SKU: TY16
    Tylaska hi-tech fid. Made out of aluminium with a knurled grip. Suitable for spiking Tylaska shackles. Available in 2 different sizes. Learn More
  14. Kite Block 19mm Sheave (RETAIL PACK, 2 BLOCKS)
    SKU: RF13101
    Kite Block 19mm white sheave (2 pack) Learn More
  15. Toe rail pad eye
    SKU: WR166
    Toe rail pad eye allowing to use the toe rail for attachment of blocks, barber hauler, boom brake, enz. Learn More
  16. Windex
    SKU: WD681100
    WINDEX is the perfect choice for all sizes family and racing boats. The WINDEX Wind Indicator offers exceptionally good performance. The secret is the needle that rests in a safari layer, which means that Windex finds the shifts even in extremely weak winds. Learn More
  17. Mask
    SKU: TPM
    PROtect MASK is a tape combining a thin film of highly tensilized skived PTFE, a synthetic fluoropolymer, with a high temperature silicon adhesive.
    25m wide - 10m or 33m long
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  18. Headfoil clear
    PROtect Headfoil is the ideal protection against damages to your plastic or metallic headfoil from severe contact abrasion of rotating sheet/guy of the spinnaker/gennaker or because of gybing gennaker sheets, especially when this is done inside. Learn More
  19. Chafe Tape
    SKU: TPC

    PROtect CHAFE is a pressure sensitive tape using ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) film with a strong modified acrylic adhesive.

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  20. Non Skid Tape
    SKU: TPA
    PROtect SKID series are anti slip tapes designed for boating.
    51mm wide - 3m long
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Items 1-20 of 1019

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