Tylaska shackles

Tylaska is premium sailing hardware used amongst professional competitive sailors around the world. These are the best sailing shackles you can buy. We can splice Tylaska shackles to your new halyards or sheets. Simply add them to your cart after you have configured the halyard or sheet.

Tylaska Trigger release shackles

for spinnaker sheets, spinnaker halyards

and jib halyards.

Tylaska halyard shackles

for main halyard or Code-0 halyard

standard halyard or 2:1 halyard.

Tylaska fids

Use one of these fids for spiking your Tylaska shackle.

Trigger release shackles

Trigger release shackles by Tylaska have become iconic. All competitive sailors know the trigger release shackles. You can open these shackles under tremendous loads. Tylaska uses Aerospace grade 17-4PH stainless steel. This construction gives the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. The release shackles come in different sizes: T5, T8, T12, T20 and T30. They are available with a standard bail and a large bail that fit nicely in each other. We also sell the Tylaska spikes for easier and remote release under load.

Halyard shackles

Tylaska makes these halyard shackles with a strong composite sleeve bearing. It is unique that these are true 2:1 halyard shackles: capable of handling the full rated load of the shackle. The size fits standard sail headboards without adding any unnecessary weight.

Tylaska fids

Do you want to release your shackles remotely? Want to avoid the need to crawl out into risky locations or for single-handed or night sailing? Use one of these fids for spiking your Tylaska shackle. Simply push the fid into the trigger hole. The tapered rear of the fid allows the trigger to snap closed against and holds the fid in place. You can attach a lanyard to either of two holes. This depends upon the desired location of remote release.

For side release: attach the lanyard to the blunt end. It then and can be pulled out either by hand or by winch.
For rear release: attach the lanyard to the tapered end and pull it from behind. The fid pries upon the trigger and stays captive with the shackle.

The fid can also be used without a lanyard and operated as a ‘handle’ for convenient release. We sell various fids that are suitable for spiking Tylaska shackles.

Tylaska shackles

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