Snap Shackle with Swivel Eye

Snap shackle with a swivel eye
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Snap shackle with a swivel eye.

• Multi-use: Halyards, Sheets, Life lines

Indication for shackle size (halyard):
- 70mm for boat length upto 28ft
- 90mm for boat length 28-36 ft
- 130mm for boat length from 36 ft
Art. No.ProductLCDBBL/Kg
PRH122070Snap Shackle Swivel Eye70mm12mm12mm33mm1400
PRH122090Snap Shackle Swivel Eye87mm16mm16mm42mm2400
PRH122130Snap Shackle Swivel Eye128mm22mm22mm58mm3500
More Information
Model Swivel
Shackle type Snap shackle