Cruiser XTS

Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line

This rope has a top quality high tenacity polyester core combined with a smoothly braided polyester cover. This rope will ensure excellent grip and makes it ideal for halyards/ sheets and control lines.

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Cruiser 24 polyester rope
Cruiser XTS

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    Cruiser XTS - high quality polyester rope for sheets and halyards

    The Cruiser XTS rope is a high quality double braided construction from polyester fibres. For the core we use a top quality high tenacity polyester and the cover is made from smoothly braided polyester fibres - together it makes the Cruiser XTS stand out amongst other polyester ropes.
    This double braided polyester rope is a modern yachting rope used to hoist sails as a halyard or to trim sails as a sheet. It can also be used as a control-line, e.g. outhaul, kicker, traveller, with purchase systems.
    The Cruiser XTS is one of the most popular ropes for sailboats at Premiumropes. The wide range of colours, available from 3mm to 18mm diameter combined with the excellent value-for-money makes it a regular choice for cruising sailors to equip their boats with.
    Cruiser XTS will be used on small and large recreational sailing boats and family cruisers as well as daysailors. It is used on inshore, coastal, offshore and also ocean crossing vessels. The larger the boat and the sail area to be controlled the larger the diameter of the Cruiser XTS should be used. Halyards on a dinghy can be as thin as 5mm, while a 40ft Yacht requires halyards with 12mm diameter or larger.

    Cruiser XTS Eco

    We are integrating our Eco Cruiser into the Cruiser XTS range. This means that some colours are made from rPet yarns. Which means that this rope is completely made from recycled plastics. Click here for more information about our Eco Ropes

    For what application is the Cruiser XTS used on board sailboats

    Because of the double braided construction using polyester fibres, the rope as low stretch, even on high loads. That makes it suitable for all halyards, sheets and trimmlines. It has a round and stable braiding, which keeps its form in stoppers and clutches on a modern deck layout.
    On a typical 30ft sailing boat it would be suitable to use 10mm Cruiser XTS as halyards for jib, genoa and mainsail, while using smaller diameters of 6mm or 8mm for the purchase systems of kicker, traveller and cunningham ropes. Also reefing lines, outhaul and other control- and trimlines can be done with Cruiser XTS from Premiumropes.

    How to choose the right diameter for Cruiser XTS on my yacht?

    If you want to replace an old halyard and are happy with how it holds in the stoppers and there are no issues with chafing, we recommend to use the same diameter again. That is the easiest solution. If you have issues due to chafe or the rope is not holding in the clutches, it is important to check the diameter of the rope. The correct diameter for the Cruising XTS ropes is determined by the forces applied to the rope and the size of sheaves and stoppers used to hold the boat. While a larger sail results in high loads on the rope, which in return requires a diameter large enough that the Cruiser XTS has the necessary safe-working-load (SWL) for the sail. It is however worth checking, that the deck hardware can handle the desired rope, i.e. the sheaves in mast and blocks as well as any clutches or stoppers need to be large enough to handle this rope diameter. The best holding power in clutches is generally achieved the the larges possible diameter. The experts for rigging at Premiumropes have compiled this information in more detail here: Rope Advise - Diameter Should you require individual help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send an inquiry with details (and pictures) via email to [email protected].

    Would you like a shackle spliced into your halyard or sheet?

    Make use of our splicing service if you want a nice finish with shackle. Just select 'Splice on snapshackle' under the splicing options and we will splice the desired shackle to the rope. Don't forget to order the shackle separately. Would you like help selecting the right shackle? Read our blog about shackles or send us a whatsapp message or e-mail.

    What splices can be done with the Cruiser XTS

    The polyester rope Cruiser XTS from Premiumropes can be spliced in a number of ways. When you order a Cruiser XTS from us, you can choose from the options suitable for your boat. A halyard would be done with an eye-splice on one end and a flamish eye on the other end. Please see the infobox with photos, that you can click on at the top part of Cruiser XTS product page. It is also possible to make splices yourselves and we have instruction videos on this site at Premiumropes - click here for videos, or have a look at the book from Jan-Willem Polman Splicing Modern Ropes or our Rope Splicing App.

    Extra Tip from our experienced sailors to Cruiser XTS

    When using this rope as a sheet, there can be additional grip on the cover required for better control of the sheet during manoeuvers. For such purposes Premiumropes has developed Cruiser XTS Grip, which sports additional grib fibres in the cover. This will give you extra holding power on your sails!

    Diameter mmStrength in kg Weight kg/100 m
    PRR220 Cruiser XTS Load - Elongation graph
    More Information
    Function Main halyard, Genoa halyard, Spinnaker halyard, Main sheet, Genoa sheet, Spinnaker sheet, Outhaul, Vang, Cunningham, Backstay (runner), Topping lift, Reefing lines, Furler lines, Spinnaker pole up, Spinnaker pole down, Burgee halyard
    Segment Motor Yacht, Sailing Yacht, Cruising Yacht, Racing Yacht, Dinghy
    Stretch Low
    Construction Double Braid
    Cover Polyester
    Core Polyester
    Spliceable Yes
    Colour Antracite Grey, Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Yellow
    Diameter 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm

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