Selden yacht products are reliable top-class gear. Most sailors know Selden masts and Furlex systems. Check out the other yacht rigging systems from Selden. Premiumropes can deliver all Selden products. The Selden blocks, cam cleats, terminals and fairleads in our webstore we have on stock.

Selden blocks

for sailing yachts

Selden rigging screws

for sailing yachts

Selden fairleads

for furling systems

Selden Cam Cleats

for sailing yachts

Seldén blocks

Premiumropes has Selden blocks in the following categories:

- plain bearing blocks are for heavy and static loads for halyard tuning, mainsheet systems and boom vang.
- ball bearing blocks are for situations where loads are more moderate and dynamic. These blocks come in 20, 30 and 40mm sheave diameters.
Need help to find the block that works best for your purpose? Check out the Selden Block Finder.

Seldén rigging screws

Rigging hardware have the maximum durability and corrosion resistance. We can swage these rigging screws to stainless steel wire rope. Check out our rigging configurator or contact us.

Fairleads for endless furling lines

Premiumropes sells the Selden collection of blocks and fairleads to lead endless furling lines back to the cockpit. For example, check out the Double Fairlead system: you can easily connect this to a 25mm or 30mm stanchion. This double fairlead prevents the furling line from tangling up without friction.The Selden CX and GX furling systems work with an endless furling line running over a line driver drum. Want to know how to splice and endless furling line yourself? Check out our tutorial here.

Seldén cam cleats

Seldén makes its cam cleats of carbon fibre reinforced polyetherimide. This material has a high resistance to friction heat. We have two categories Selden cam cleats:

- Cam cleats 27 for rope capacity of 3-7mm
- Cam cleats 38 for rope capacity of 4-12mm

Seldén CX furler system for Code 0 sails

The Selden CX system is the furler for Code 0 sails. Code 0 sails are very popular now, from Volvo Ocean Race sailors to ordinary cruisers. A Code 0 sail has a straight luff that is set under tension and is made for furling. The luff carries the total load. This simplifies the handling of this large sail. An anti-torsion cable (also AT-cable) is integrated in the luff and the entire luff length is furled simultaneously. The design of a Code 0 sail is quite flat. A Code 0 is great to sail in apparent wind angles between 40° and 90°.

Seldén GX furler system for asymmetric spinnakers

The Selden GX furling system is for top-down furling of asymmetric spinnakers. Often people call them gennakers or ‘cruising chutes’. The luff is curved. An anti-torsion cable connects the drum and the halyard swivel. This ‘AT-cable’ transmits the rotation of the drum. This enables the furling to start at the top and work its way down until the entire sail is stowed away.

An asymmetric spinnaker performs best in apparent wind angles between 70° and 110°.

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