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Sailor's knife with ceramic blade to cut modern ropes made from Dyneema®, Stirotex, Technora or Vectran fibres. Stays sharp for longer - available in two sizes!
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Extremely sharp ceramic blade on a riggers knife for rope cutting

The D-Splicer Ceramic Knife is a professional tool to cut ropes with particular appeal when used to cut lines containing Dyneema, Stirotex, Technora, Vectran or other fibres. The blade is made of ceramic material which is very sharp and due to the hardness of the material the edge stays sharp much longer compared to conventional steel knives.
The sharpness of the D-Splicer Ceramic Knife allows clean cuts in all kind of ropes including HMPE single braids like DX Core (Dyneema fibres) or S-Core with Stirotex fibres. Sailors, riggers and sailmakers use this knife for ropework on deck or in the workshop, but it can also be used in the pantry! The ceramic blade is non-corrosive and resistant against chemicals, there is no risk of influencing the taste of any food.

D-Splicer is offering this Ceramic Knife for Sailors in two sizes. The smaller size is the model C20, which is designed for ropes up to 10mm in diameter, the larger size is model C24, which can easily handle rope of 20mm in diameter.
All D-Splicer Ceramic Knifes have a protecting cover for the blade, which prevents damages to the sharp edge and accidental cutting.

Winner of Yacht-Test (Germany) in 2021

The Ceramic Knife C20 has been tested by German magazine Yacht and the results have been published in edition 03/2021. The C20 came out on top as the best knife in this test. The quality and usability has been proven by experts and recommended for sailors.

How to take care of this D-Splicer Ceramic Knife?

Should the Ceramic blade or the handle get dirty it is best to wipe the knife with a wet dishcloth. Due to its chemical resistance it can also be cleaned with alcohol, if necessary. The knife is dishwasher safe, but you need to prevent other items from making contact with the blade during the washing.
Always put the protection on the blade to avoid damages to the sharp edge, when not in use.

How to sharpen blades of ceramic knifes?

This special material is produced for an ultra-sharp blade, easily cutting all kinds of ropes. Due to the hardness the knife stays sharp and can be used constantly over a long period of time. Sharpening is possible by grinding the edges with a diamond-dust-coated grinding wheel.

SizeSmall (C20)Large (C24)
Length (total)20 cm24 cm
Length (blade)10 cm12 cm
easily cuts ropesup to Ø 10mmup to Ø 20mm
Weight36 gr62 gr

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