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Selma Fids (Needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. This Norwegian product is patented world wide. The 2 sets are covering the most commonly used lines and ropes ranging from 4mm (1/8 inch) to 13mm (5/8 inch) diameter.
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Sets of universal splicing tools with four or five fids

This set of Selma Splicing Needles is a suitable for all splicing work on board sailboats and yachts. Starting with a thin single braid from Stirotex or Dyneema of Ø 3mm up to thick mooring ropes you will find the matching size of this patented tool to splice line and ropes. Selma needles have been developed in Norway works for a variety of splicing techniques. For most professional sailors, riggers and sailmakers it is the preferred choice. The hollow fids are make from stainless steel (corrosion free) and polished to a shining finish.
Selma Sets will be delivered to you in a clear plastic tube with caps. All fids are stowed inside each other and thus take up only little space in your rigging bag. A colourful instruction sheet is included, where you will find the modern splicing techniques explained.
These sets with four or five different sized SELMA splicing fids are always available in large quantities at Premiumropes.

Better prices for sets of Selma Splicing Needles

The sets of the splicing needles are much cheaper compared to buying them separately. Taking the set of four needles from size #4 to size #10 saves over 15% at Premiumropes compared to buying singles.
Even better deal is done with the set-of-five: More than 24% savings on five Selma needles in a set from size #4 to size #13 compared to separately buying the fids!

Which fids or needles are inside the Selma sets?

  • Selma Fids #4 - #10 - This set contains four fids and is suitable for sailboats and small yachts. Double-braids for mooring ropes and halyards of up to Ø 12mm can be spliced. For twisted (3-strand) ropes all common diameters on yachts can be spliced.
  • Selma Fids #4 - #13 - The large set contains five fids and is designated for yachts, where sheets, halyards and mooring ropes up to Ø 16mm need to be spliced.

How does splicing with the Selma Needles (fids) work?

The team of Premiumropes has produced various splicing videos which are published on our YouTube Channel: YouTube Channel of Premiumropes In these videos we explain the use of Selma Splicing Needles.

Why are the SELMA Needles suitable for so many splicing techniques?

Selma has designed its splicing needles cleverly, they are easy to use. Sailors get positive results quickly when splicing:

  • simple design Selma needles are a patented splicing tool, which is valued by professionals for its durability and is popular with beginners for easy handling. Everybody get's fun out of ropework quickly.
  • smooth polished finish - the surface is super fine and the fids glide without resistance through the rope construction. Selma Fids are a high quality tool.
  • The rope to be pushed through is fixed with a small hook inside the tube and taken along the fid
  • Pulling eye at the tip - starting with size #7.5 - when splicing large diameters or if the rope has a tight construction it is helpful to add a pulling force by connecting a thin strop to the eye in the tip of the Selma needle.
ProductSelma Set 4Selma Set 5
Content#4, #5.5, #7.5, #10 #4, #5.5, #7.5, #10, #13
Splices (braided ropes)up to ø 12mmup to ø 16mm

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