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Selma Fids (needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. This universal splicing tool is very popular due to it's easy handling.

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Universal splicing tool for twisted and braided ropes

The Selma Splicing Needles, also called splicing fids, are a patented tool to splice ropes and lines. Developed in Norway it is used for a big range of splicing techniques. For the most riggers, professional sailors and sailmakers the Selma needles are the preferred choice due to their simplicity and wide application range. The hollow fids are produced in professional quality from stainless steel.
Depending on the diameter of the ropes, the matching Selma splicing needle is chosen, small fids for ropes of Ø 3mm in diameter up to the large fids, which handle ropes of Ø 20mm in diameter.

At Premiumropes we stock all six models from size #4 to size #20 in large quantities.

How does splicing with the Selma needles (fids) work and which size do I need for my work?

At Premiumropes we have created various splicing videos and posted them on our YouTube channel. YouTube channel of Premiumropes In this video you will find the use of Selma needles explained.

For splicing works in braided ropes the diameter of the rope determines the choice of the Selma fid. Choose the size which is closest to your rope diameter. Selma Splicing needles are available for braided ropes from ø 3mm to about ø 20mm.
When using twisted ropes the needles are used for the single strands only. Much thicker ropes can be used than the size number of the needle.

Most of the splicing jobs on board a sailboat can be done with Selma Splicing needles size #4 to size #10; on a yacht we recommend size #4 to size #13.

What are the special features of the SELMA splicing fids?

Due to its clever and simple a design the splicing needles from Selma are universally applicable. The following key features help to successfully finalize your splicing jobs:

  • simple design - Beginners as well as professionals value the simplicity and easy handling, which allow many splicing jobs to be finished fast and accurately.
  • very smooth surfaces - the hollow fids are made from stainless steel in a patented form. The high-end material is corrosion free and polished to a perfect finish. When pushing through ropes, they glide easily between the strands.
  • clever steps between sizes - there are matching fids for different diameters of ropes available. The differences between the models are well chosen and it is possible to splice ropes from Ø 3mm upwards on yachts and boats with Selma needles.
  • hook to fix the rope inside the fid
  • pulling eye at size #7.5 and upwards - when the construction of a double braided rope is very tight or when splicing thicker ropes it can be helpful to lead a thin strop through the splice and fix it in the eye of the needle. Now you can aid the fiby by pulling it through the construction.
Sizeø insideø outsideLengthWeight
44,0 mm5,2 mm11,5 cm5 g
5,55,5 mm7,0 mm13,5 cm11 g
7,57,5 mm9,0 mm17,5 cm18 g
1010,0 mm11,8 mm23,0 cm47 g
1313,0 mm15,0 mm28,5 cm72 g
2019,0 mm21,5 mm45 cm110 g

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