PR-12 Mooring Rope - Industrial

Braided rope from high-strength polypropylene for commercial vessels and large yachts starting Ø 16mm. Popular with professional seaman in shipping, fishing or on mega yachts.

PR-12 Mooring Ropes swim and do not take on water. OCIMF (Meg4) compatible.

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PR-12 Mooring Rope - Industrial
PR-12 Mooring Rope - Industrial

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€2.95 €2.95


    Braided rope to safely moore vessels at their berth

    The PR 12 Mooring Rope from Premiumropes is a lightweight and strong cable for commercial shipping and on board of large yachts, where it is used for mooring, berthing and towing.
    This rope is 12-strand braided with Polypropylen fibres and swims on the water, it does not take on any water and due to its light weight it is easy to handle on the forecastle. Available in Ø 16mm to Ø 36mm from our stock in Amsterdam. Here we are able to splice also a fixed eye into the PR-12 mooring rope quickly or make a whipping around the ends.

    For which application is the PR-12 rope suitable on board of ships?

    • Mooring - On board of large yachts, fishing vessels and other ships you need larger cables to safely berth the vessel. Due to the lightweight Polypropylen fibres the PR-12 Mooring Ropes can be handled easily by one person.
      More details on the required Diameter of a mooring rope can be found below this text.
    • Towing - PR-12 is even swimming on the water! This enhances the handover of towing line or salvage cables. Due to the high breaking loads of the quality fibres, PR-12 can be used for towing of ships, large yachts and fishing vessels. With a spliced eye it can easily be lashed around a mast or bollard.
    • Land Lines - long ropes from PR-12 are used on explorer yachts to moore a vessel in natural harbours and fix the lines ashore. With such landlines with length of 100 mtrs and more, the weight advantage to polyester ropes is especially big. Deploying the ropes with a dinghy is easy, as they follow swimming on the water.
    • Winching - construction of the 12-strand braided mooring rope created a strong cable, which can be winched and stored on a drum in various layers. The material is abrasion resistant and has a good grip on steel winches. Long mooring ropes from PR-12 can be spooled on a drum.

    How strong should we choose a mooring rope?

    Determining the optimum rope diameter depends on the expexted loads, which holds the vessel at its berth. The larger the diameter, the more load can be taken by each rope. Please check the size of bollards and cleats that large mooring ropes can be handled. Also handling comfort goes down for larger diameter mooring ropes.
    In this link you will find a table showing recommended rope diameters for each ship length: Premiumropes Rope Advice Important! The diameter of the PR-12 should measured while the rope is loaded! Due to the open construction the PR-12 will be thicker when measured without any load. A 20mm can look like a 24mm.

    How long should mooring ropes be on a large yacht?

    For a sensible equipment we recommend six mooring ropes for a vessel. Two shorter mooring ropes of one time the ship's length (max 15mtrs), four mooring ropes with two times the ship's length (max 25 mtrs), plus one cable of about 40 to 50 meters length. With this setup your yacht is equipped for the most common situations.

    Technical Properties of PR-12 Mooring Rope:

    • Specific Weight: 910 kg/m³ - swims on the water
    • Melting Point: 160 °C
    • elongation at breaking point: 25 - 30 %
    • Wet breaking strength equal dry breaking strength - does not take on water
    • Colour: yellow
    • Construction: 12-strand, braided - non rotating, torsion free, round construction
    • OCIMF (MEG4) conform - abrasion resistant and completely UV stabilized

    The PR-12 Mooring Ropes are available from our stock at Premiumropes Amsterdam between Ø 16mm and Ø 36mm. We are happy to splice a fixed eye into these cables, which takes about 3 to 5 working days until shipment to you. For diameters up to Ø 52mm you can order the eyesplice directly online. Should you require larger diameters, please contact our offices in Amsterdam or Kiel for an individual quote, which includes prices and delivery times.
    Premiumropes Amsterdam
    Tel: +31 20 419 64 12
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Premiumropes Kiel
    Tel: +49 431 5568 1978
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Shipping costs

    For orders that need to be shipped by pallet or big boxes delivery costs will be added.

  • Delivery costs in the Netherlands and Belgium € 42,50
  • Delivery costs outside the Netherlands and Belgium are on request.
  • This will be invoiced afterwards.

    Diameter (mm)Strength (t)Weight per/100m (kg)
    PRR150 PR-12 Mooring Rope - Industrial Load - Elongation graph
    More Information
    Stretch High
    Construction Single Braid
    Core Polypropylene
    Spliceable Yes
    Colour Yellow
    Diameter 16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm, 44 mm, 48 mm, 52 mm, 56 mm, 60 mm, 64 mm, 68 mm

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