Finn Tapered Main Sheet

Application: Main sheet

Finn tapered mainsheet (11 mtrs) made of Dyneema® SK78 fibers and Cordura. Superior grip and high strength, very flexible!

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Finn Tapered Main Sheet
The tapered Finn sheet is 11 meters in total.
The tapered part is 5mm and is made from 100% Dyneema for weight saving and extra smooth transition trough your blocks.

The untapered part is 10mm and made from a mix from Dyneema® SK78 fibers and Cordura. It is a high performance rope specially made for sheets. It provides superior grip, low elongation, high strength and is very soft.

More Information
Function Main sheet
Segment Finn
Stretch Very low
Construction Single Braid
Core Dyneema® SK78
Colour Blue, Green, Red, Silver
Diameter 10 mm