DX Core 78 (Bio-based) Dyneema®

Application: Control line, Backstay

This single braid rope, completely made of bio-based Dyneema® SK78 (12 strands coated) fibers, is extremely strong, has low elongation and low weight. The coating ensures UV resistance and better abrasion resistance. This general purpose rope is ideal for e.g. loops, shackles, rigging, boom vang, outhaul and cunningham. It is also very good for kite surfing lines.

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D-CORE 78 - Dyneema SK78 singlebraid
DX Core 78 (Bio-based) Dyneema®

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    Dyneema® single-braid made of 100% SK78 fibres - 12 strand braiding

    The DX Core 78 is a universal rope braided from high modulus Dyneema® fibres. The single braid construction is easy to splice, has a smooth surface and a very high breaking load. The fibres are UV resistant and can be used without cover on deck and in the rigg of sailboats and offshore applications. DX Core is the most popular Dyneema rope at Premiumropes. It is produced out of HMPE, which are super-fibres as they have extremely high breaking loads compared to its weight. DX Core 78 is regularly used as a replacement for steel wire on boats.
    DX Core 78 is completely made of bio-based Dyneema® SK78 (12 strands coated) fibers, is extremely strong, has low elongation and low weight. The coating ensures UV resistance and better abrasion resistance.

    For which applications do you recommend DX-Core 78 onboard?

    DX-Core 78 is made from 100% Dyneema® fibres and is widely used in the rig and on deck of sailing boats and yachts:

    • Loops spliced from DX-Core - the single braid DX-Core 78 can be spliced into continuous loops of various diameters - works as easy attachments for blocks, thimble or other hardware.
    • Replacement of steel wire - the Dyneema® fibres in the DX-Core78 are stronger than steel, i.e. they have a greater breaking load and less weight than steel wire of the same diameter. On sailing boats it is easy to replace wire in the running rigging with DX-Core 78. Examples are halyard leads for genoa and mainsail.
    • Softshackles - very popular with cruisers and racers alike the softshackle made from DX-Core 78 can replace a stainless steel shackle and have the same breaking load. It is usually much lighter in weight and less noisy on the deck.
    • Purchase Systems - it is a clever trick to use DX-Core 78 in purchase systems. The surface of the Dyneema® fibres is very smooth and has very little friction in blocks or thimbles. For clutches a grip cover needs to be spliced on the DX-Core 78.
    • Running Backstays - Running backstays are fixed high in the mast and a weight reduction from steel to a Dyneema® DX-Core78 has a big advantage. DX-Core78 can be spliced the a sheet rope for the part of the backstay which goes on the winch.
    • Bobstays & Checkstays - Holding down your bowsprit to the hull is done often using Dyneema® ropes like DX-Core78. It is easy to splice to the exact length required and very light weight. Its UV resistance allows such a rope to be in use for many years.
    • Emergency replacement for standing rigging - Together with a set of low friction rings it is possible to replace a broken stay our shrout with DX-Core 78 made of Dyneema®. The DX-Core can be spliced to have the required length and rigged temporarily as replacement. Special terminals for connection of the rope to mast fittings are available at Premiumropes.

    What does biobased Dyneema® mean?

    Bio-based Dyneema® is made with renewable, bio-based feedstock. This is a new development in fibre technology. This version of Dyneema® reduces the reliance on fossil fuel resources. Bio-based Dyneema® fibre boasts the exact same performance as conventional Dyneema®
    For sailors it is possible to reduce their carbon footprint significantly while ensuring equivalent technical features to the conventional HMPE fibres. Bio-based Dyneema® has the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength compared to other synthetic fibres

    Contact us, if you have special requirements

    While DX-Core78 can be used for various applications, we would like to hear your ideas for extreme situations in length, precision splicing, or minimized elongation. This Dyneema® rope is also available in a HPS-version with heat-pre-stretched fibres or with grib fibres and as SK99 version.
    Additionally can splice this rope onto your own terminals and fittings.
    Please send an inquiry with details (and pictures) via email to [email protected].

    Diameter mmStrength in kg Weight kg/100 m
    PRR450 DX Core 78 (Bio-based) Dyneema® Load - Elongation graph
    More Information
    Function Outhaul, Vang
    Segment Sailing Yacht, Cruising Yacht, Racing Yacht, Dinghy, Wind - Kite Surfing
    Stretch Minimal
    Construction Single Braid
    Core Dyneema® SK78
    Spliceable Yes
    Colour Black, Blue, Silver, White
    Diameter 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm

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