TN Racing

Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line

This is an high-performance regatta rope and has a core of coated Stirotex fibers. The Technora/polyester cover is suitable for big winches and works very well in clutches. This rope is suitable for splicing and tapering.

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TN Racing rope with Technora
TN Racing

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    TN Racing - a high performance rope for sheets and halyard with an extremely abrasion-resistant cover

    TN Racing is a double braided rope made with a high strength Stirotex core without any stretch. The cover is made from polyester and Technora fibres, which guarantees a very high abrasion resistance. Technora is extremely hardwearing and it has a good performance in clutches. This makes TN Racing suitable for extreme conditions, such as sail racing, ocean sailing or on sailing yachts where ropes are under enormous strain on winches, jammers and clutches. TN Racing is a high-performance rope that is used as a halyard to hoist sails or as a sheet to trim sails. The Technora in the cover makes the TN Racing suitable in clutches and jammers of high loaded halyards and on winches where grip and abrasion resistance are important. For open boats, the thinner diameters of the TN Racing can also be used as a trim line, for example for a Cunningham, vang, or outhaul.

    When is a Technora cover required?

    Use a Technora cover for ropes that are subject to a lot of wear. This could be, for example:

  • - A genoa sheet that is used intensively and where the cover suffers a lot from a winch.
  • - A mainsheet for a German Sheeting system that must be wear-resistant, strong and stretch-free.
  • - A sheet for the running backstays that are subjected to a lot of pressure and abrasion. A standard polyester cover in particular can melt under pressure.
  • - A halyard or sheet which is in the same position for a long time. For example, on a long voyage when sailing for days on the same bow.
  • - A halyard or sheet where extra grip is required. Technora not only provides extra abrasion resistance, but also more grip.
  • Will a halyard or sheet made of TN Racing last longer?

    Yes, our TN Racing is made to last longer than conventional ropes. The Technora cover is much more resistant to abrasion from winches and clutches. On average the TN Racing lasts 3x longer than ropes with a conventional cover. Be aware! A sharp object can cut any rope under load. Even the most abrasion-resistant materials. Therefore, you should always check carefully that a halyard or sheet cannot rub against any sharp objects. The most common problems come from worn out clutches or sheaves in the mast which no longer runs.

    For which application is the TN Racing used on board sailing yachts?

    The Stirotex core and Technora/polyester cover provide excellent abrasion resistance and virtually no elongation. This makes TN Racing suitable for halyards, sheets and trim lines. The line is abrasion resistant and has good grip in jammers and clutches. Do you sail with winches and use your sheets intensively? Then use TN Racing as a sheet and experience the abrasion resistance yourself.

    How to choose the right diameter for TN Racing on my yacht?

    If you want to replace an old halyard and are happy with how it holds in the stoppers and there are no issues with slipping, we recommend to use the same diameter again. That is the easiest solution.

    If the rope is not holding in the clutches, it is important to check the diameter of the rope. The correct diameter for the TN Racing ropes is determined by the forces applied to the rope and the size of sheaves and stoppers used to hold the boat. While a larger sail results in high loads on the rope, which in return requires a diameter large enough that the TN Racing has the necessary safe-working-load (SWL) for the sail.
    It is however worth checking, that the deck hardware can handle the desired rope, i.e. the sheaves in mast and blocks as well as any clutches or stoppers need to be large enough to handle this rope diameter. The best holding power in clutches is generally achieved the the larges possible diameter.

    The experts for rigging at Premiumropes have compiled this information in more detail here: Rope Advise - Diameter
    Should you require individual help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send an inquiry with details (and pictures) via email to [email protected].

    Would you like a shackle spliced into your halyard or sheet?

    Make use of our splicing service if you want a nice finish with shackle. Just select 'Splice on snapshackle' under the splicing options and we will splice the desired shackle to the rope. Don't forget to order the shackle separately. Would you like help selecting the right shackle? Read our blog about shackles or send us a whatsapp message or e-mail.

    What splices can be done with the TN Racing

    The TN Racing can be spliced in different ways. When you order a TN Racing sheet or halyard, you can choose from several options. A halyard is usually made with an eye splice at one end and a flemish eye at the other end. For spinnaker sheets or halyards, it is also possible to taper the TN Racing to make a light and strong rope.To do this, the cover can be removed where the ropes does not touch winches or clutches. Click the info box with pictures off all the splicing options.
    It is also possible to make splices yourselves and we have instruction videos on this site at Premiumropes - click here for videos, or have a look at the book from Jan-Willem Polman Splicing Modern Ropes or our Rope Splicing App.

    Diameter mmStrength in kg Weight kg/100 m
    PRR340 TN Racing Load - Elongation graph
    More Information
    Function Main halyard, Genoa halyard, Spinnaker halyard, Main sheet, Genoa sheet, Spinnaker sheet, Outhaul, Vang, Cunningham, Backstay (runner), Topping lift, Reefing lines, Furler lines, Spinnaker pole up, Spinnaker pole down
    Segment Sailing Yacht, Racing Yacht, Dinghy
    Stretch Minimal
    Construction Double Braid
    Cover Technora
    Core Stirotex
    Spliceable Yes
    Colour Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red
    Diameter 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm

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