The Premiumropes rigging team has extensive experience in yacht rigging. We make rigging to your specifications in our own workshop in Amsterdam. Our riggers also travel around the world to work on site. Please contact us to discuss the best option for your sailing yacht. 

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We advise to replace yacht rigging at least every 15 years. Make sure to inspect the rigging every year thoroughly to be ahead of bigger problems. Yacht managers of super yachts can best contact us directly for a project quote. Read here more about our mega yacht refit projects.

The Premiumropes team is looking forward to work on your yacht!

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  1. Rope Stud Terminal
    SKU: BWRP80A
    The Blue Wave Rope thread terminals are a simple and strong solution for making synthetic rigging. It's easy to connect a HMPE rope to the terminal using an eye splice. The thread terminal is made from High Quality 316 Stainless Steel. Learn More
  2. Rigging Screw Chromed Bronze Body Swage Stud UNF - Toggle
    SKU: BW33
    The Blue Wave Chromed Bronze Body features a number of details that makes it the best choice for exclusive and durable rigging. The sleek, open Bronze body prevents the threads from sizing up. Learn More
  3. Locknut Left
    SKU: BW0512
    To provide a locking action that can resists loosening under vibrations. Learn More
  4. Locknut Right
    SKU: BW0412
    To provide a locking action that can resists loosening under vibrations. Learn More
  5. Swage Stud Terminal Richt UNF
    SKU: BW93
    Thread Terminals UNF all feature engraved wire size, Blue Wave logo, and swage depth marking for faster and easier swaging. Learn More
  6. Swage Stud Terminal Left UNF
    SKU: BW94
    The UNF thread is more refined compared to metric and has a longer life span. In general the thread terminal on the wire side is right handed, thereby left handed thread is the exception. Learn More

6 Items

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