Application: Control line

D-Control is an excellent trim line for dinghy sailors. Economic high-performance rope made from Dyneema® fibers and a polyester cover. High strength, low elongation and good abrasion resistance.

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D-Performance rope

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    D-Control Mix rope with Dyneema® fibers
    D-Control is the choice for control and trim lines for every type of dinghy sailors. With a core from Dyneema® fibers and a polyester cover this is an affordable, high-performance type of rope. It's suitable for every trim line and will work as a great halyard as well.

    For halyards, if you want a more high tech line for halyards consider the D-Cup.

    PRR411 D-Control Load - Elongation graph
    More Information
    Function Outhaul, Vang, Cunningham, Backstay (runner), Topping lift, Reefing lines, Furler lines, Spinnaker pole up, Spinnaker pole down
    Segment Dinghy
    Stretch Very low
    Construction Double Braid
    Cover Polyester
    Core Dyneema® SK78
    Spliceable No
    Colour Blue, Brown, Red, White, Yellow
    Diameter 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm

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