Rope kits for the Laser

Ropes Laser - One Design Laser ropekits

Need Laser ropes? These are our suggestions for Laser ropes. The length and diameters of the ropes are in accordance with the laser class regulations.

Laser sailing is fun and spectacular. Only the best ropes will do in a Laser. For example for a Laser mainsheet, we suggest a Dyneema® rope with gripfibres in the cover. The trimlines are also all made of Dyneema® fibres. Laser ropes are easy to buy on-line in our webstore. We have all ropes on stock.

RopeDiameterLength Type
 Mainsheet  6 - 7 mm  13 - 16 metres  SSR / SSR Light   
 Cunningham Cascade     4 mm  1.3 metres  D-Core
 Cunningham Trim  4 mm  3 metres  Ultraneema
 Vang Cascade  3 mm  1.6 metres  D-Core
 Vang Trim  4 mm  5 metres  Ultraneema
 Outhaul cascade  4 mm  1.5 metres  D-Core
 Outhaul elastic  6 mm  1.5 metres  Elastic
 Outhaul trim  4 mm  5,5 metres  Ultraneema
 Traveler (one eye splice)  5 mm  3.5 metres   D-Core
 Hiking strap trim  5 mm  1 metre  D-Core
 Foil Elastic  5 mm  2 metres  Elastic