Premium Anchor Rope

The premium anchor rope is a eco-conscious anchor rope made from recycled polyester fibers. The rope allows you to anchor safely. The core is equipped with encapsulated lead, which makes anchoring easy and reliable. Available in four sizes from Ø10mm to Ø16mm suitable for yachts up to 18 meter .
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Premium anchor rope - ready made with encapsulated lead core

This ready made anchor line with encapsulated lead is made from recycled polyester and helps sailors to anchor their sailingboats safely under almost any conditions. The lead is added to one third of the rope, which helps your anchor to stay on the ground. The rope was developed for easy handling on the bow and stretches enough to handle the forces at anchor. Due to its great quality, the Premium anchor rope is a long lasting product, which merges performance with sustainability. These anchor ropes are ready to order from stock at Premiumropes and can be shipped quickly to your destination.

Technical features

The Premiumropes anchor rope is made out of rPET and is strong as well as as abrasion resistant, even in tough conditions. The lines are equipped with encapsulated lead in their core, which will make your anchor anchor will bury itself faster, reducing the chance of it dragging or scratching against the seabed. Our ropes are designed to stretch enough to handle the forces when you are at anchor, whether it's calm or choppy waters.
Futhermore, the soft material of our lines helps to prevent the risk of scratches on your hull free when putting oder pulling your anchor

Each Premium anchor rope has a secure eye with stainless steel thimble , which makes connecting the anchor to the rope easy.

Our anchor lines can be ordered from stock in the following different diameters 10mm, 12mm, 14mm as well as 16mm.

What makes the premium anchor rope eco-conscious?

  • The premiumropes anchor lines are made from recycled polyester , rPET is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials, e.g. plastic bottles. Once collected, it is sorted and cleaned and afterwards transformed into rPET granules, which helps to decreases the amount of plastic waste in our oceans.
  • The lead, which was added to one third of the Premium anchor line, is encapsulated and prevents water contact, which protects the surrounding ecosystem.
Diameter mmLength in mStrength in kgWeight in kgBoatsize
10251.3003.7up to 8m
12301.9005.1up to 11m
14402.8008.2up to 15m
16403.70010.0up to 18m
More Information
Function Mooring - Anchoring
Segment Motor Yacht, Classic yacht, Sailing Yacht, Cruising Yacht
Construction Double Braid
Cover rPET
Core rPET
Diameter 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm

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