1 - Main halyard

A main halyard should have a low elongation. This is required for properly trimming your sail: when the wind increases, you want your main sail to stay flat. For cruising yachts we recommend the ropes below. For classic yachts polyester ropes or ropes with Stirotex fibres® are a good choice. More demanding yachts should go for ropes with less elongation. Ropes with Stirotex fibres® cores are recommended in this case.

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  1. S-Classic
    SKU: PRR330C

    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line
    This high quality performance regatta rope, has a Stirotex grade 8 coated core and 24 braid HT Polyester cover. Features: Suitable for splicing and tapering, very low stretch, light weight, great durability, stronger than steel. Especially suitable for halyards

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