Rigger's Tape Premiumropes for Splices

Tape for sailors, riggers and sailmakers to help in splicing and ropeworks. Super sleek surface, thin but firm tape on a roll of 66mtrs.
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Special Rigger's tape for ropeworks and splices

The Premiumropes Splicing Tape is a special adhesive tape optimized for splicing and other ropeworks. It is very thin and has an extremely smooth surface. Simultaneously it is firm and resistant against tearing. The adhesive is designed to hold on textile fibres, e.g. ropes and this works also with HMPE fibres like Stirotex or Dyneema. This tape can be removed from the ropes without residues.

For which splices and rigging jobs will this tape be used?

While there are countless applications for such a outstanding splice tape - we will present a few common ones, which regularly occur in our Premiumropes splicing shop.

  • Holding fibres and strings together - Use it when cutting lines to prevent the rope construction to unravel. Before the cut wrap the tape around the rope and then cut through the middle of the tape.
  • Temporarily fix your rope toa splicing tool - this splicing tape is used to connect your rope to a splicing needle, to ensure it comes along when passing through in the splice. Works fine with SELMA and D-Splicer needles.
  • Separate single strands of ropes - splicing with twisted/3-strand rope or squareplaited ropes requires the strands to be work with separately. A good splicing tape helps with the job and we recommend to use the Premiumropes one.
  • Pull an additional cover on a loop - We use Premiumropes Splicing Tape to fix the first end of the extra cover around a multistrand dyneema loop. This fixation is later covered by the rest of the loop.

Technical Details of the Premiumropes Tape

  • Length: 66m tape on each roll
  • Width: 20mm
  • fits on large tape rollers (desk version) - inner diameter 76mm

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