Ropes and steel wire rope for architecture

Architecture: inventive solutions with ropes and steel wire rope

Premiumropes was founded in the nautical and maritime world. The way steel wire and synthetic ropes are used there are directly applicable to architecture. Our engineers like to think with you finding the best solution for your architectural design. 


New synthetic fibres like Dyneema® and Vectran give unlimited possibilities in constructions. But also in office projects and interior design. That is because ropes can be made in almost any colour. This makes ropes very decorative and they give a room an own identity. For example ropes can be used in making furniture. Ropes are also used in interior architecture to divide a room in multiple zones. We often make rope curtains to use as room divider. These room dividers are tailor-made in close cooperation with the architect. Take a look at more rope curtain projects. We value that our solutions strengthen the architect's design.

Stainless steel wire

Steelwire has been used by architects for a while. Steelwire can be used as guard railing, balustrade and for all kinds of structural projects like roof constructions. So called 'Green Buildings' are a relatively new use of steelwire. Green buildings are a decorative facade covering. Plants grow along a construction of stainless steel wire against the facade of a building. For these vertical gardens it is important that the construction of steel cables can withstand all weather conditions. Fortunately, we are used to that in watersports! Premiumropes has its own rigging department where we swage stainless steel cables with rigging screws and terminals. For steel cables too, we value the collaboration with the architect's team. We supply balustrades of stainless steel cable nets. 

Together with architects we design solutions with ropes and steelwire for architectural projects. Contact us for your architecture project or call us at +3120 - 419 6412.

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