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Ropes for art projects: Premiumropes worked together with many artists on art projects. We can design and produce every kind of rope you need. From high performance fibres in all colours to a more tradional or nautical look. Artists like to work with us, because our team is inventive and creative. Every art project is different and requires different ropes.

These are a few examples of ropes we supplied for art projects.

Ropes art project - Amsterdam Light FestivalVan Gogh Mile - installation by PremiumropesArt projects: Studio Roosegaarde - ropes for kitesRopes for theatre: Salzburg festivalAd de Jong - Dyneema ropes for installation (photo by Ad de Jong)Sweet memory lamps - black ropeArt projects - curtain of ropes  Van Gogh Mile - high-tech fibre red rope

Do you need ropes for your project? Call us for advice on +31 20-419 6412 or email us with your questions and specifications. 

Amsterdam Light Festival – ‘O.T. 976’ by Stefan Reiss

The string theory is the inspiration for this art project. String theory assumes that everything in the universe is connected by small vibrating particles or ‘strings’. ‘O.T. 976 consists of three large planes with dozens of cables folding over each other. We supplied 1,100 metre reflective white rope for this art project. Read more about this art project here

‘Windvogel’ by Studio Roosegaarde

‘Windvogel’ are kites who generate green energy. The kites move around and are connected with a  cable to a ground station. This push and pull of the cable transforms into electricity. Studio Roosegaarde won the Design Project of the Year and Lighting Design Dezeen Awards 2018 with ‘Windvogel’. Premiumropes supplied the ropes for the kites. 

‘Sweet Memory’ by Rene van Doorn and Liane Elshout

Sweet Memory Interior Products originated from a passion for craftmanships. Premiumropes supplied the black ropes for these lamps. 

‘All is giving’ by Ad de Jong

Ad de Jong makes sculptures of epoxy resin. In the hall of the newly built Amsterdam Court of Appeal, he hung a large-scale installation. This art work dominates the space as a colourful spaceship. Premiumropes supplied the rope with Dyneema® fibres to fasten this art project to the ceiling. Read more about the artist and his projects on the website of Ad de Jong.

Van Gogh Museum – ‘Van Gogh mile’ by Henk Schut

In 2012 the Van Gogh Museum temporarily closed for renovation. A part of the collection was on display in the Hermitage. To guide visitors to that location, artist Henk Schut designed an interesting tour.:A red rope, 2.2 kilometres long and stretching five metres above the ground,  guided visitors through Amsterdam. An App with Augmented Reality and art installations took the visitors along in the life of Vincent van Gogh based on his letters.

Premiumropes designed the red rope and installed it throughout the city. We made sure the rope met all requirements of the artist. We supplied various samples and discussed with the artist prior to final production. The rope needed to be of an exact diameter and colour. The rope needed to be UV resistant and not bend under its own weight. We designed a special rope of high-tech fibres for this art project.

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