Why is the core of my Dyneema rope free from the cover?


Why is the core of my Dyneema rope free from the cover?

One of the most popular ways to make a neat finish at the end of a rope is melting. This is a good solution for polyester ropes because core and cover are of the same material. However, it is not the best way for ropes with a super fibre core. The different materials of the core and cover will not melt together properly and you will see the core is separated from the cover. 

How to (neatly) finish rope ends using stiched whipping as rope finish.

We therefore recommend to finish the end of the rope with an eye splice or whipping. A whipping prevents the end of a rope from fraying and it will also prevent the core from slipping into the cover. You’ll need whipping twine, a strong needle and usually a palm. The width of the whipping should be approximately one and a half times the ropes diameter.


Why is whipping not a standard feature?

Our splicing service can provide all ropes with an eye splice or whipping.The type of finishing can be chosen when ordering a rope However, many of our customers like to splice the ropes themselves and therefore order a rope that does not have a finishing on the ends. Because that would mean that the ropes can no longer be spliced easily. Therefore our default setting on the website is a rope without any finishing. 

How to make a stitched whipping?

Ropes with a braided core will always need a double-stitched whipping; a common whipping will slide off too easily. It will also prevent the core from slipping into the cover. A double-stitched whipping can also be used to finish an eye splice.

Use the right tools for whipping

Do you want to make whipping yourself? Premiumropes carries the most complete range of rope splicing products. All used and tested daily by our own riggers. You will need good whipping twine and needles.

We also sell splicing kits with tools and ropes to start practising right away!

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