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  1. Cylinder Fender Heavy Duty
    SKU: F53
    You need quality fenders for the best possible protection of your valuable boat!

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    From €42.50 €42.50
  2. Ball Fender Heavy Duty
    SKU: F55
    DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty fenders, proven quality and durability since 1982.
    These Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders are designed to ensure maximum protection for your yacht or boat.
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    From €30.50 €30.50
  3. FenderStep
    SKU: F54151
    FenderStep™ has become a much larger success than expected when it was launched in 2002, as it provides the simple double function of being both a boarding step but also a practical fender.
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    From €101.00 €101.00
  4. Fender2step
    SKU: F54152
    Fender2step™ was developed from the proven and very successful FenderStep™ but also provides an extra step which is really helpful not only for boats with very high topsides, but also on regular sized boats to allow children to safely get on and off and in making boarding from a dinghy even easier.
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    From €117.00 €117.00
  5. Throwbal black 9cm
    SKU: F59009005
    The hand size Throwing-ball is a small and very useful product designed for the larger commercial vessels having heavy mooring-lines which cannot directly be thrown to the wharf or the quay.
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  6. Hand pump
    SKU: F950100
    The small and efficient DAN-FENDER hand-pump works very well for inflating smaller fenders and buoys or if you need to inflate extra air during the season. Learn More
  7. Fender Inflation Adaptor
    SKU: F500001
    The DAN-FENDER inflation adaptor can be used on all our products having the metal valve except the Light fenders and soft, inflatable mini-buoys. Learn More
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