Furling systems

Jib furling systems and fairleads of brands like Harken, Selden and Ronstan are listed here. We also sell accessories for furling systems like lead blocks, swivels, prefeeders and snap shackles. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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  1. Large Above Deck Jib Furler Height 114mm
    SKU: RF1246
    Furler, 114mm (4 1/2") dia. open drum Learn More
    €285.95 €285.95
  2. Jib Halyard Swivel With Forestay Guard
    SKU: RF1247
    Swivel, with forestay guard Learn More
    €182.95 €182.95
  3. Above Deck Jib Furler, Height 80mm RF76
    SKU: RF76
    • Small dinghies and catamarans. Learn More
    €87.49 €87.49
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