Sale - Dockline - Ready Made

Dockline ready made - 100% Polyester

It’s important to keep your yacht safe in the harbour. However choosing the right mooring lines can be challenging. We recommend to choose a dockline which is developed for strength, easy handling and to have a high abrasion resistance. 

Premium Ropes offers a selection ready-made Docklines. A reliable, UV resistant, rope with long service life, during which it retains its softness and flexibility. 

All these product are spliced and ready to go. Available in black, navy and white/black. 

Off course it is also possible to buy the ready made Dockline per piece. You will then receive a 15% discount. Click on this link to go to the right page.


Yacht length - 8 m / 26ft

Yacht length - 10 m / 33ft

Yacht length - 12 m / 39ft

Yacht length - 14 m / 46ft

Win a refund!

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary! And off course there are birthday gifts! On top of the offer above there is a possibility to win a refund of the purchase amount of these docking lines. Do you want the mooring ropes for free? Then pay close attention.

Step 1 - Order a set of ready-made Dockline

Step 2 – Dock your boat (in a beautiful place). Off course with the new set of ropes

Step 3 – Take some photo's

Step 4 - Post the best photos on Facebook and tag us @premiumropes. It’s also possible to send an email with the pictures

Step 5 - Follow us on Facebook.

At the end of the promotion we will announce the best entries. The winners will receive a gift voucher with the value of the purchase amount.