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  1. Spinnaker tape
    SKU: PSP00
    Spinnaker Repair Tape. Universally known for a fast and effective repair.
    50mm wide and 4.5m long
    Learn More
    From €13.65 €13.65
  2. Dacron tape
    SKU: PSP10
    Dacron® Repair tape for sails.
    75mm wide and 1.5m long
    Learn More
    From €21.30 €21.30
  3. Tell tales red & green
    SKU: PSP1115
    Tell Tales set Learn More
  4. Main tales black & red
    SKU: PSP1116
    Better trimming results with these Main Tails Learn More
  5. Mylar tape
    SKU: PSP20
    Transparent Mylar repair tape. Learn More
    From €9.10 €9.10
  6. Kite tape 150mm - 2.5m
    SKU: PSP21
    Self adhesive repair tape Learn More
    From €21.75 €21.75
  7. Kevlar tape 75mm - 1.5m
    SKU: PSP30
    The best repair tape for kevlar sails Learn More
    From €29.50 €29.50
  8. Ducktape
    SKU: PSP40
    Self adhesive and waterproof tape. Used for emergency repairs on kanoes and rubber boats. But also on faul weather gear, spreaders and rigging screws. Learn More
    From €5.40 €5.40
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