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Premiumropes has its roots in the maritime industry. In yacht rigging we have seen a shift from steel wire rope to ropes made of synthetic super fibres. A similar breakthrough is about to happen in industrial rigging. Synthetic fibres like HMPE are gaining ground over steelwire . Examples of HMPE fibres are Dyneema® and Stirotex®. We are experts in both synthetic ropes and steelwire constructions. We love to work with you on solutions that work for your company. We have for example supplied synthetic ropes of Dyneema® fibres for swimming pools. These ropes replaced the stainless steel construction. A great advantage of HMPE fibres is their resistance to chemicals.

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  1. PR-12 Mooring Rope
    SKU: PRR150

    Application: Dockline, Anchor line

    The PR-12 is a high-strength polypropylene rope made for commercial vessels. The PR-12 floats, doesn’t absolve water. The PR-12 is Ideal for auto winches and drums.

    Available from 20mm to 150mm

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