All ropes in our S-line are made from the Stirotex® fibre and offer excellent strength and low elongation properties. Ropes made from Stirotex® are competitively priced. Performance sailors will not be disappointed by the quality. All these ropes are suitable as halyards, sheets and control lines.

S-Core singlebraid Stirotex S-Cup for sheets and halyards with a Stirotex core S-Classic for classic sailing yachts TN-Racing rope with Technora cover S-Shock elastic cord with Stirotex cover


S-Line is a series of different ropes for sailors and boat owners. Premiumropes has introduced the S-Line series a few years ago and proved to be popular from the start due to its combination of high quality and sharp prices. These ropes can be used on board of sailingboats for halyards, sheets and control lines. The basis of these ropes is the Stirotex® fibre, which has the chemical name HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene). Ropes of the Stirotex® fibre are stronger than steel. S-Core is singlebraid Stirotex® and can be used for runners, lashing, soft shackles and all kind of control lines. Performance and regatta sailors can choose S-Cup ir TN-Racing for halyards and sheets. Both have a core of Stirotex®. TN-Racing has as extra Technora fibres in the cover, which makes this rope even more durable and heat resistant. S-Shock is an elastic cord with a cover of  Stirotex®. For example, this is often used for trapeze on board of dinghies, such as the 470 klasse.

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