S30 Single block for soft attachment

The S30 single is a soft attachment block which offers low friction and low weight combined with a soft and flexible assembly. This block weights only 18 gram and is suitable for a line up to 8mm. This makes the block perfect for halyards, sheets and trimlines on dinghies and sportboats. Rope not included.
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The S30 Single soft attachment block from Seldén is reliable, strong and just simply good looking. Not only the have replaced the stainless steel shackle, but they completely re-designed the block as well.
Attaching blocks with a loop or lashing is not particularly new. However, Seldén has come up with a smart way to connect the block with a Dyneema® loop using a patented insert in the central rivet of the block. This doesn’t only look great, but also ensures a fast an secure attachment. A smart and strong pre-spliced loop made from Dyneema® is supplied together with the block. The Soft attachment block is made with stainless steel ball bearings and a composite(Acetal) sheave. For high-load applications there is also a version of the Soft Attachment blocks with an aluminium sheave and Torlon® bearings. Choose between the complete assembly including a ready-made spliced loop or just the block itself for lashing.
This makes the new Soft attachment blocks from Selden perfect for dinghy racing and sportboats. The high-load version with aluminium sheave and Torlon® bearings could also be used for several applications in yacht racing like a vang system, barber haulers or a Cunningham.
• Control line applications
• Mainsheet systems
• Spinnaker sheets, barber haulers
• Genoa sheets
• Dinghy applications
• Vang applications

More Information
Series Ball Bearing Block
Model BBB 30
Block type Loop
Sheaves Ø 30 mm
Number of sheaves 1
Bearing Ball bearing
Max rope diameter 8 mm
Swivel No
Cam No
Ratchet No
Breaking Strength (kg) 450
Safe Working Load (kg) 200

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