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Do you want to make an eye-splice yourself? Premiumropes carries the most complete range of rope splicing products of brands like D-SPLICER and Selma. All used and tested daily by our own riggers.

We also sell splicing kits with tools and ropes to start practising right away!

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  1. Scissors D20
    SKU: PRH82704
    The big brother of the D16 Scissors. Cuts easily through the toughest fibres like Dyneema®, Vectran, Aramid and Stirotex. Learn More
    €60.25 €60.25
  2. Scissors D26
    SKU: PRH82705

    The biggest scissor from D-Splicer. The D-26 cuts easily through the toughest fibres like Dyneema®, Vectran, Aramid and Stirotex®.

    Suitable for ropes up to 14mm.

    Learn More
    €99.50 €99.50
  3. Scissors D14
    SKU: PRH82702
    Dyneema® is the one of the hardest fabric to cut with a pair of scissors. The D-14 scissors are the best pair of scissors we have tested and are a high performance pair of scissors for a sharp price. Learn More
    €45.75 €45.75
  4. Dogbones Stainless Steel AISI 316
    SKU: PRH771
    Dogbones are one of the easiest ways to connect your tack lines, halyards, spinnaker sheets and other trim lines to your hardware of sails. These Dogbones are lightweight, strong and easy to use. Available in stainless steel and aluminium. Learn More
    From €4.95 €4.95
  5. Shockcord Hook
    SKU: PRH779
    Shockcord Hook Learn More
    From €0.90 €0.90
  6. Shockcord Clamp
    SKU: PRH778
    Stainless steel clamps used for joining ends of shockcord. Use our special clamp plier for attaching these. Learn More
    From €0.20 €0.20
  7. Pliers for Shockcord Clamps
    SKU: PRH77801
    Shock cord clamp closing pliers for all sizes clamps. Learn More
    €35.80 €35.80
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