Snap Shackle 'Quick Release'

Wichard Quick release snap shackle with swivel.
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Wichard Quick release snap shackle with swivel. Available in 6 sizes: 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 110mm, 130mm and 150mm.

Which size do you need?
70mm - suitable for 8mm rope
80mm - suitable for 10mm rope
90mm - suitable for 12mm rope
110 mm - suitable for 14mm rope
130 mm - suitable for 16mm rope

WR267 Snap Shackle 'Quick Release' drawing
Art. No. ProductLABBL/KGWL/KG
WR2673Quick Release sluiting 70mm7014mm11mm1500880
WR2674Quick Release sluiting 80mm8016mm12mm23001280
WR2675Quick Release sluiting 90mm9020mm13.5mm32001600
WR2676Quick Release sluiting 110mm11025mm16mm42002400
WR2677Quick Release sluiting 130mm13030mm20mm63003200
WR2678Quick Release sluiting 150mm15034mm24mm90005200
More Information
Model Swivel
Shackle type Snap shackle

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