Order ropes for boats at in our store. Premiumropes has a wide range of sailing ropes for different types of boats and sailors. Please select the type of rope you are looking for in the category below. We deliver our ropes worldwide directly from stock. The needed materials and construction of ropes for boats depend on what kind of boat you are sailing. We have ropes for dinghies to keelboats. For regatta and competitive dinghy sailors, we recommend ropes with a core of Dyneema® fibres or with a Stirotex core. Worldwide shipping!

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  1. DX Cover (Bio-based) Dyneema®
    SKU: PRR830

    Application: Cover

    Skincover made of Dyneema® fibers for extreme high abrasion chafe points to protect halyards and sheets against chafing. Available in 2 colors and 4 different sizes.

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    From €2.95 €2.95
  2. Protection Cover Heavy Duty
    SKU: PRR881

    Application: Cover

    This Heavy Duty protection cover is made from polyester. Use a protection cover to protect ropes on high abrasion points.

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    From €3.90 €3.90
  3. Dockline - Ready Made
    SKU: PRR906

    Application: Mooring

    UV resistant polyester rope with a long service life. Ready made with eye splice.

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    From €12.95 €12.95
  4. Premium Anchor Rope
    SKU: PRR904
    The premium anchor rope is a eco-conscious anchor rope made from recycled polyester fibers. The rope allows you to anchor safely. The core is equipped with encapsulated lead, which makes anchoring easy and reliable. Available in four sizes from Ø10mm to Ø16mm suitable for yachts up to 18 meter . Learn More
    From €74.99 €74.99
  5. Fenderline - Ready Made
    SKU: PRR907

    Application: Fenderline

    24 plait single braid polyester ready made line for fenders.

    Available in 2 colors and 3 diameters.

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    From €7.50 €7.50
  6. Softshackle Quick Release
    SKU: PRR910
    Dyneema® SK78 soft shackle with quick release Learn More
    From €10.95 €10.95
  7. Softlink
    SKU: PRR924
    Optimise your deck layout using Softlinks from Premium Ropes. A Softlink consists of a Low Friction Rings combined with a ‘loop’ made from a super fibre such as Stirotex®. A Softlink has no moving parts, are strong, easy-to-use and completely maintenance free. Learn More
    From €25.95 €25.95
  8. Loop without Cover
    SKU: PRR920
    Loop, made completely with Dyneema®. Great to lash blocks anywhere on to your boat. Available in various sizes and diameters. Learn More
    From €12.50 €12.50
  9. Loop with Cover
    SKU: PRR930

    Loop with cover, made out of 100% Dyneema® fibers. Great to lash blocks anywhere onto your boat. Made with 3 mm Dyneema® which is lashed five times in the cover.

    Available in various sizes.

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    From €39.50 €39.50
  10. Sail Tie with Ball
    SKU: PRR960BK

    Application: Sail Tie (pack of 4)

    The Premiumropes sail tie with ball is versatile in use on board of sailboats. The sail ties with ball are available in four sizes in range of 30cm-60cm length.

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    From €6.25 €6.25
  11. Sail Tie with hook
    SKU: PRR961BK

    Application: Sail Tie (pack of 4)

    The Premiumropes sail tie with hook is versatile in use on board of sailboats. The sail ties with hook are available in four sizes in range of 30cm-60cm length.

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    From €6.25 €6.25
  12. Sail Tie with cleat
    SKU: PRR96275BK

    Application: Sail Tie (pack of 4)

    Super helpful on board: Set of four sail fasteners with flexible length of ø5mm shock cord and cleat. The elastic sail tie is made from polyester-covered latex in length of 75cm, which can be adjusted in the nylon cleat.

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    €8.95 €8.95
  13. Sail Fastner
    SKU: PRR960
    Sail Fastner 4 per package Learn More
    From €6.60 €6.60
  14. Finn Tapered Main Sheet
    SKU: PRR981

    Application: Main sheet

    Finn tapered mainsheet (11 mtrs) made of Dyneema® SK78 fibers and Cordura. Superior grip and high strength, very flexible!

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    From €97.50 €97.50
  15. Regenboog Tapered Spi Sheet
    SKU: PRR984
    Application: Spi sheet Learn More
    From €289.95 €289.95
  16. Regenboog Jib Sheet
    SKU: PRR983
    Application: Jib sheet Learn More
    From €99.00 €99.00
  17. Regenboog Tapered Main Sheet
    SKU: PRR982
    Application: Main sheet Learn More
    From €229.00 €229.00
  18. Guard Rail Netting
    SKU: PRR7013070WT
    Application: Guard rail net
    Guard Rail Netting 30/70 cm white Polyester no knots Learn More
    €4.85 €4.85
  19. Rope Rub
    SKU: PRR195

    Application: Rope Rub

    Our Rope Rub is made from a specially manufactured double-twined yarn. This yarn is durable and UV-resistant. This makes the Rope Rub resistant to weather influences guaranteeing a long service life.

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    €24.60 €24.60
  20. Hockey rope
    SKU: PRR190

    Hockey rope is ideal to use at training, tournaments and even indoors. It prevents balls from rolling away from the pitch.

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    From €475.00 €475.00
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