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  1. Winch handle Aluminum - 254mm (10inch)
    SKU: HKB10
    Harken 254mm (10inch) winch handles come in 3 different types: With lock-in, without lock-in, low-profile and with handpalm. Learn More
  2. Halyard Ball Stopper
    SKU: PRH781

    This halyard ball stopper is to protect your eye-splice, masthead exit and shackle chafing against each other. Available in 4 different sizes but easily drilled out for a snug fit.

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  3. Splicing Kit - PRO
    SKU: PRH88005
    Premiumropes offers a range of splicing kits, this one is for splicing fans . It includes a complete set Selma splicing needles, D-Splicer Fixed F20, special scissors for Dyneema ropes, D-Splicer set A4, 2 Soft Fids, Ceramic knife C20, whipping twine, sailing needles, splicing tape and some practice ropes. Choose if you want a splicing book or not. Learn More
  4. C-Cleat Cam Cleat
    SKU: RF54
    Design, materials selection and advanced manufacturing methods combine to deliver superior strength and holding power, light weight and corrosion resistance. Learn More
  5. Performa Self-tailing Winch Black
    Harken Radial winch with self-tailor, available in 11 different sizes. These winches are powerful, efficient and very reliable. Learn More
  6. Furling Lead Block 40mm Carbo lead block assembly
    SKU: HK7401
    Harken® recommends equipping every system with Carbo lead blocks for safe furling from the cockpit. Use the 7401 40 mm block on the bow pulpit as an inboard lead.  Learn More
  7. Bullseye fairlead #10 (5mm) RH fasteners
    SKU: HK237
    Use the 237 and 339 where there is little deflection in the line such as when routing a spinnaker pole foreguy aft along the cabin house. Learn More
  8. Low Friction Rings
    SKU: PRH130

    Low Friction rings are simple aluminum rings which can be spliced into lines. They are used to deflect sheets and control lines or for lashings. They are made of high strength aluminum. Available in 5 different sizes.

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8 Items

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