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  1. Race Grip Pro
    SKU: PRR310

    Application: Sheet, Halyard, Control line

    The Race Grip Pro is a very strong, round high-performance rope with good grip and minimal stretch. For sailors who go to the extreme. The stretch-free core is made of Stirotex® fibres. For use as sheet, halyard and trim line.

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    €2.55 €2.55
  2. Rig Wire 99
    SKU: PRR469

    Application: Standing Rigging, Guard rail

    The Rig Wire 99 is the ultimate lightweight rope solution to replace standing rigging. The elongation of the 'heat set' pre-stretched core (HPS) is reduced to a minimum. The compact Dyneema® cover protects against abrasion and any wear and tear. Use the Rig Wire 99 as a lightweight alternative for standing rigging.

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    €12.00 €12.00
  3. 44mm Dynablock Snatch with loop
    SKU: ATDBS44
    Snatch blocks are special that they can be opened and closed simply by rotating their cheekplates. This simple fact makes them suitable for maneuvers which are fitted out before the block is placed, such as genoa and spinnaker sheets or mainsail halyard. Learn More
    €76.99 €76.99
  4. Premium Anchor Rope
    SKU: PRR904
    The premium anchor rope is a eco-conscious anchor rope made from recycled polyester fibers. The rope allows you to anchor safely. The core is equipped with encapsulated lead, which makes anchoring easy and reliable. Available in four sizes from Ø10mm to Ø16mm suitable for yachts up to 18 meter . Learn More
    From €74.99 €74.99
  5. 57mm Carbo ratchet block
    SKU: HK2135
    Harken 57 mm Carbo ratchet block. Great for sheeting systems and down hauls. Use line up to 10 mm and the block weighs 85 gram. Max. workload is 227 kg and breaking strength is 907 kg. Learn More
    From €89.49 €89.49
  6. DX Cup Pro 99
    SKU: PRR431

    Application: Halyard

    The ultimate racing halyard with a Dyneema®-SK99 pre-stretched core. Mainsail, genoa or gennaker halyards, which shall not stretch under any circumstances, are made with this rope. Available in Ø8mm to Ø12mm in four colours!

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    €10.35 €10.35
  7. Service kit for Harken winches
    SKU: HKBK4514
    An all-inclusive kit for maintaining your Harken winches. Includes winch grease, pawl oil, repair parts, wetnote, stickers and a brush. A packed in a maintenance box. Compatible with Harken Performa, Radial, and Classic winches. Ensure smooth sailing every time! Learn More
    €99.00 €99.00
  8. PBO Cover
    SKU: PRR845

    Application: High performance cover

    The PBO cover has a balanced mix of PBO, Technora® and Cordura® fibres. This makes for an extremely abrasion-resistant cover that also has plenty of grip. This makes the cover ideal for jibs or running backstays on high-performance yachts.

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    From €17.95 €17.95
  9. 40mm Zircon block
    SKU: HK2190
    Use the Harken Zircon blocks for precision trimming. The blocks are very efficient that you can adjust the sail and sheet tension perfectly. Harken Zircon blocks are made for jib sheets, spinnaker sheets and mainsail sheets. Learn More
    €64.99 €64.99
  10. D-Pouch Splicing Bag
    SKU: PRH810

    Keep your splicing tools neatly organized in the D-Pouch. Due to the compact design this pouch can be stored on board easily.

    Available in two sizes:

    The P40 - enough space for a complete set of splicing tools

    The P65 Pro - enough space when you want to store D-Splicer fixed professional XL

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    From €24.95 €24.95
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