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  1. Splicing Kit - PRO
    SKU: PRH88005
    Premiumropes offers a range of splicing kits, this one is for splicing fans . It includes a complete set Selma splicing needles, D-Splicer Fixed F20, special scissors for Dyneema ropes, D-Splicer set A4, 2 Soft Fids, Ceramic knife C20, whipping twine, sailing needles, splicing tape and some practice ropes. Choose if you want a splicing book or not. Learn More
  2. Handbook Splicing Modern Ropes
    SKU: PRH90201
    Using clear, step-by-step photography and detailed instructions, this book will guide readers through all the stages required to make strong, reliable splices. Author: Jan-Willem Polman Learn More
  3. Scissors D16
    SKU: PRH82703
    Dyneema® is the one of the hardest fabric to cut with a pair of scissors. The D-16 scissors are the best pair of scissors we have tested and are a high performance pair of scissors for a sharp price. Learn More
  4. Stainless Steel Closed Rope Thimble
    SKU: PRH702
    Closed stainless steel heavy duty eye, made out of marine grade 316 stainless steel. Available in different sizes. This rope thimble is made for high-load purpose and is mainly used with ropes made with Dyneema® or Stirotex® fibers. Learn More
  5. Carbo Racing Foil replacement prefeeder
    SKU: HK7006
    Prefeeders facilitate fast sail changes. The 7006 prefeeder features hardcoat-anodized rollers with low-friction bushings. Learn More
  6. 22mm Micro block
    SKU: HK224
    Harken 22 mm Micro block is compact and lightweight and can be used for lines up to 6mm. Great for smaller sailingboats and boats up to 30 foot, mostly used for trimlines and control lines. Have a working load of 91 kg and weights only 14 gram. Learn More
  7. Dogbones Stainless Steel AISI 316
    SKU: PRH771
    Dogbones are one of the easiest ways to connect your tack lines, halyards, spinnaker sheets and other trim lines to your hardware of sails. These Dogbones are lightweight, strong and easy to use. Available in stainless steel and aluminium. Learn More
  8. Low Friction Rings
    SKU: PRH130

    Low Friction rings are simple aluminum rings which can be spliced into lines. They are used to deflect sheets and control lines or for lashings. They are made of high strength aluminum. Available in 5 different sizes.

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8 Items

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