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  1. Eco Cup
    SKU: PRR331

    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line

    The Eco Cup is the first high performance rope within our Eco Ropes range. We wanted to developed a good rope for performance sailing and combine this with our sustainability goals. This unique rope provides optimal performance due to its strength, UV resistance, low stretch and abrasion resistant cover.

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    €4.35 €4.35
  2. 40mm Zircon block
    SKU: HK2190
    Use the Harken Zircon blocks for precision trimming. The blocks are very efficient that you can adjust the sail and sheet tension perfectly. Harken Zircon blocks are made for jib sheets, spinnaker sheets and mainsail sheets. Learn More
    €61.49 €61.49
  3. D-Pouch Splicing Bag
    SKU: PRH810

    Keep your splicing tools neatly organized in the D-Pouch. Due to the compact design this pouch can be stored on board easily.

    Available in two sizes:

    The P40 - enough space for a complete set of splicing tools

    The P65 Pro - enough space when you want to store D-Splicer fixed professional XL

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  4. S20 Single soft attachment block with loop
    SKU: SE4021016001R
    The S20 single is a soft attachment block which offers low friction and low weight combined with a soft and flexible assembly. Attach the block with the supplied ready-made spliced loop. This block weights only 45 gram and is suitable for a line up to 6mm. This makes the block perfect for halyards, sheets and trimlines on dinghies and sportboats. Learn More
    €38.00 €38.00
  5. Eco Cruiser
    SKU: PRR225

    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line

    The Eco Cruiser is the shining result of our continuous development efforts combined with our sustainability goals. This rope is completely made from recycled plastics. An all-round braided rope from rPet yarns. It is a complete and balanced rope and can therefore be used for various applications. For example, halyards and sheets, but in the thinner diameters also extremely suitable as a trim line.

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