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  1. Handbook Splicing Modern Ropes
    SKU: PRH90201
    Using clear, step-by-step photography and detailed instructions, this book will guide readers through all the stages required to make strong, reliable splices. Author: Jan-Willem Polman Learn More
  2. D-Splicer Kit A4
    SKU: PRH80101
    D-SPLICER splicing needle is ideal for thin ropes (<4mm) splicing techniques. An anodized aluminium handle and four stainless steel needles. The needles come in two sizes. The D-SPLICER comes in a handy tube for easy storage. Learn More
  3. Halyard Shackle with Captive Pin long
    SKU: WR149
    Wichard halyard shackle. These shackles have the highest strength-to-ratio of any existing halyard shackles. Learn More
  4. Snapshackle
    SKU: TY10S
    Tylaska produces the strongest, most durable snap shackles with the highest performance. It is the only shackle which is easy to release under high pressure. Learn More
  5. Snap Shackle Fixed Eye
    SKU: PRH121
    Snap shackle with a fixed eye Learn More
  6. XTS Clutch 8-14mm Port
    SKU: XTS0814HP
    Specified as standard on production yachts worldwide and the choice of racing yachts inshore and offshore Learn More
  7. aluminum Cam-Matic cam cleat
    SKU: HK150
    Harken aluminum Cam-Matic cam cleats, the best cam cleats in the world. The aluminum cam cleats are available in Micro, Standard and Offshore and can be used on all types of boats. Select your product here. Learn More
  8. 40mm Ball Bearing Lead Block
    SKU: SE40410123R

    Ball bearing blocks are used where the loads are more moderate and dynamic. The ball bearings provide for good sheave rotation with the lowest possible friction. Available in 20, 30, 40 and 60 mm sheave diameters.

    Learn More
  9. Low Friction Rings
    SKU: PRH130

    Low Friction rings are simple aluminum rings which can be spliced into lines. They are used to deflect sheets and control lines or for lashings. They are made of high strength aluminum. Available in 5 different sizes.

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9 Items

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